Where Do We Draw the Line?

The U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans murdered in Benghazi!!!

How much more of this anarchy in the world will we tolerate? Where do we draw the line and say, “That’s it, not one step further.”

It’s impractical, if not impossible, to declare war against a frenzied mob. Especially a frenzied mob in another country. Another country where you get the feeling that no one there is really in charge. They’ve only recently been through a “regime change” which was achieved by blood and bullets, not ballots and babble. Certainly doesn’t appear to be a stable, established government.

Perhaps that recent blood-letting has given that bunch a taste for that kind of thing. It’s “Hey, we’re pissed off and offended! Let’s go blow things up and kill people we don’t like.” It’s barbarism I tell you. Civilization does not seem to have taken root in that region of the planet. There’s a patina of culture and civility, but scratch the surface and there lies the wolf.

I have no answers which involve diplomacy, talking or negotiating. One does not reason with savages.

We have emboldened these new barbarians with our peace talks, appeasement and “gee why don’t they like us” naïveté. They feel that there are no boundaries which they cannot cross, no new atrocity they cannot inflict. There are no limits for them.

We fight with one hand tied behind our backs. We need to start fighting fire with fire.

“Why, doing that would bring us down to their level”, it is said by the ivory tower dreamers.

Oh, really?

Is it better to let them slaughter diplomats or continue to blow up children on school buses in Israel? Murder and rape women in Afghanistan? For their so-called honor?

We’re at war dammit! They know it and are exploiting our innate goodness and sense of fair play.

Where do we draw the line against this descent into a new Dark Age?

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12 responses to “Where Do We Draw the Line?

  1. Bill Brandt

    From what I have been reading of it it was worse than a frenzied mob – it was a coordinated attack. And as someone at chicagoboyz.net commented “Why didn’t the Marine3s shoot at anyone? – it would be a shame if they died with full magazines”

    But knowing things as they are I can see the embassy ordering them not to have magazines – as to “inflame”

    I don’t know.

    So far it seems I am a lot angrier than our government.

    I do know, from studying America and Americans that they are very slow to anger

    But once there….

  2. Busbob

    Why is it the United States of America has an embassy enclave in a war torn, divided, extremist second rate raghead country WITHOUT MARINE GUARDS?
    Will anyone out there explain that to me?
    I know where the buck stops for this one, it stops at the top.
    And I’m tired of the leadership at the top. Should have never happened.
    We know who was on watch, we know who will spout platitudes and vow to get the evil b$%##$%*s who did this, but in the end, the real story is we have a leader who will never stand strong for the principles this country has embodied for so many years. And the bad guys know it. A weak leader just makes ’em bolder. That’s their culture.
    Our culture, for all the mighty powers we have, for all the brave soldiers and sailors who are standing watch for us, is rudderless. The chair on the bridge is empty.
    Get out and vote in November. If you don’t, the next four years will be worse.
    Much, much worse.

  3. Bill Brandt

    Well now I am hearing that there were no Marines at this consulate – and Busbob couldn’t have said it any better than me. I have hear that this ambassador went to this consulate to help them – I guess the story will come out in the next few days – but can anyone believe if Reagan were in charge it would have happened? Or if it did he would have acted the same as our current (rudderless) occupant?

    And I heard tomorrow he is going on a fundraising campaign stop.

  4. Jimmy J.

    I am ANGRY! As angry as I’ve been since we bugged out of Vietnam.

    Obama, and Hillary by extension, have a foreign policy that I call, “Walk stickly and carry a big soft.”

    Every embassy and consulate in Muslim countries should be on high alert on 9/11. For as long as jihad is a danger. Period!!

    The fact that Obama did not take any intelligence briefings in the last week is a dereliction of duty. Period!!

    The fact that these so-called man-caused disasters cannot be called what they are is an abomination. Period!!

    We are drifting, drifting inexorably toward a real war. Or, if the progressives have their way, surrender. Forbid it Almighty God!

    Do not tell me that anyone who calls themselves an American cannot see the insane policies of this administration. It is to weep!

    I pray that I don’t live to see what I believe is coming. That is a war that will make the casualties of WWII seem like child’s play or…….dhimmitude.

    Anybody but Obama – 2012! ABO-2012!

  5. Where do we draw the line? Well, the Libyans drew it for us back in Gaddafi’s day. I say it’s time we cross the son of a bitch again, just like we did then.

    It’s about time for Operation El Dorado Canyon Deux, only this time the Zoomie side uses the Lancer instead of the Aardvark.

    Navy can bring its SSGN to the fight, if they like, and the Marines should have a Marine Amphibious Brigade posted offshore for dirty deeds done dirt cheap ashore.

    KISS KISS and Semper Fi!

    • I like the way ya think, Mongo. But first things first: some precisely targeted wet-work on the leadership of the organization that planned and executed this outrage, a la SEAL Team 6/bin Laden. Decapitate the leadership first, escalate as required.

    • But that would require courage, commitment, and that F-word…fortitude!
      I don’t know, man. Seems we’d be asking a lot of imPOTUS.

    • Bill Brandt

      It is fun think how Reagan – or Bush – would be doing. I am sure the planning would have already commenced.

      imPOTUS – I like that!

  6. It has been reported that our ambassador was separated from the others and his body was discovered 12 hours later, shirt pulled up and pants pulled down. Medical personnel report he died of asphyxiation and “had internal bleeding”. Reports from the region state that he was sodomized. Remember that the video of Kadafi just before his death appeared to show one of his captors sodomizing him with a small branch.
    AND THIS ADMINISTRATION WILL DO NOTHING! They made a Kabuki gesture of sending two destroyers. What they should have sent was a couple of B-52s to lay down a carpet of 2000 lb bombs on the entire neighborhood while the celebrations were taking place.
    Remember in November!

  7. I do try to be a good Christian, but sometimes my inner asshole wishes that we hadn’t gotten rid of all the nerve agents.

  8. What everyone else said. It’s time – long past time IMO – to bring it and HARD. Sadly we know that Obama and his minions lack the cojones necessary to get the job done and done right.
    Which leaves this country even more vulnerable than it was on September 10, 2001.

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