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Originally published September 2nd, 2010.


by | September 2, 2012 · 4:43 am

4 responses to “The Daily Lex – September 2nd

  1. Bill Brandt

    Man – I am sorry Lex got to that too late. I qualified for the DCM program – 15 years ago? The highlight was being given a bandoleer (about 60 rds) of surplus 30.06, going to a 1,000 range target and seeing why Patton considered that rifle so superb. Having a bolt action 30.06, I know that after shooting a box of shells through that while I can’t say it beats you up, after 20 rds for me at least, I am ready for a Newcastle Brown Ale.

    Call me a wimp.

    So I approached the M1 with bit of trepidation.

    To my surprise, there was very little recoil.

    Almost as little as an M16.

    Which, I remember to this day, 40 years ago this month – a Drill Sgt at Ft Ord – to demonstrate the lack of recoil on an M16, had a recruit place the butt end on his, ugh, crotch, and fire the weapon.

    Anyway, I actually hit the target at 1,000 yards (for me – that “bulls eye” looked like a pinhead and I still managed to hit it – with a 36″ “group” but a check for $65 and 2 months later a package from the Alabama arsenal arrived.

    if that rifle could only talk”, I have often thought.

    Was it with the 101st at Bastogne? The Marines at Iwo?

    Of course it could have spent its life at a parade ground state side but I can dream 😉

  2. John Blackshoe

    The CMP program is still selling M1 Garands in various grades. The “service grade” ones are at least decent, and at $625 are a screaming bargain.

    Eligibility is pretty broad- US citizen, not a criminal, and member of one of a long list of qualifying organizations. “Marksmanship participation” is not required for geezers over 60, or military (active, retired, or prior service), and many other things will check that box.

    Check out all the other cool stuff CMP does, and offers.

    • Bill Brandt

      John – I take it the DCM program is gone? I think that was run by the Army to promote civilian marksmanship. The irony is with my M1 – I have shot one box of 30.06 through it since I got it and as Lex mentioned at over $1/round makes “recreational” shooting a bit expensive. So I guess my getting this for $65 plus shipping charge is sorta like finding the $1000 Ferrari, only to realize the service is $5,000 😉

      Use that for home defense and it would go through the burglar/home invasion guy/ whatever, out your wall and hopefully just rattle around in the next house.

      Not the best home defense weapon. But I like Lex’s term of the “All Girl Spending Team”!

      As a rifle though – I remember the much smaller 5.56 – used in the M16 – had a maximum effective range of 460 meters (some things the Army taught me won’t go away 😉 ) – while the M1 was over 1,000 meters.

      With a much larger cartridge.

  3. John Blackshoe

    Bill- The DCM (Director of Civilian Marksmanship) program run within the Department of the Army, was replaced in 1996 by the Congressionaly chartered Civilian Marksmanship Program, (officially the “Corporation for the Promotion of Rifle Practice and Firearms Safety, Inc”).

    CMP does much the same thing as the old DCM program, including sales of surplus rifles (transferred from DOD), running the National Matches at Camp Perry, and a lot more promoting youth marksmanship programs and safety training. Not being a cog in the big Army system, they can do many innovative things that DCM could never do, and offer products and services to promote the program that the Army would never have been able to support. And, they have eased the eligibility requirements as far as possible, and can ship direct to the purchaser.

    CMP offers all sorts of different rifles, so check them all out.

    If you want a better home defense gun, there are plenty of folks who can recommend good options there. It is a topic often discussed on Tom Gresham’s “Gun Talk” radio show on Sundays. A pristine old DCM Garand may bring close to $1,000 (or more!) now, so that can be easily converted into just about anything you like better.

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