Ave atque vale

Originally published August 29, 2007.

(Note: As the case with many of Lex’s older posts, one or more of his embedded links to news sources may no longer work).



by | August 29, 2012 · 3:25 am

12 responses to “The Daily Lex – August 29th

  1. Bill Brandt

    There was an internet story floating around a few years ago on Adm Fluckey – truly a guy who thought “outsider the box”.

    And I am sure the only submarine commander credited with blowing up a Japanese troop train.

    I was trying to find the story on the Internet but with a quick search, couldn’t – although i am sure that it is out there.

  2. Bill, I was just sent an email with that story in the body. I’ve tried to copy it, but lose the embedded photos when I do. If you’ll send your e-addy to me at dorothy.olson@animalhealthinternational.com, I’ll forward the whole message to you.

  3. Ok. Bill, bag that. I’ve printed the email message to pdf & will post it on the FB Lex page.

  4. SoCal Pir8

    Old NFO posted yesterday the story of ADM Fluckey and the USS Barb.
    Battle flag is interesting for it actually sank a train. A sea story to beat all sea stories. The only ground operation on Japanese soil during WWII.

  5. Bill Brandt

    I read that story again and was just as spell bound! The morale on that sub was top-notch! And this was hilarious:

    “I swear I’ll send a message to ComSubPac if you [Commander Flukey] attempt this (joining the shore party himself).” Even a Japanese POW being held on the Barb wanted to go, promising not to try to escape!

    The part with the POW reminded me of McHale’s Navy but the Barb was not like that PT boat!

  6. Bill Brandt

    BTW one of the commenters of that post saisd that if a commander tried doing that today – he’d be court-martialed.

    Agree? Disagree?

    • SoCal Pir8

      Captain Kirk and Captain Picard both lead from the front.

    • Bill Brandt

      SoCalPir8 – I was thinking that this guy was someone sailors would beg to serve with! When even the POW is wanting to go – promising not to escape he must have been a charismatic leader!

  7. SoCal Pir8

    BB, I would follow Lex into the depths of Hell based on his word alone. He was that kind of leader.

    • Bill Brandt

      And those are few and so far between SoCalPir8 – I have gotten that from the time I have been reading him – getting to know him – Knew an Army Captain like him many years ago too

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