Originally published August 27th, 2011


by | August 27, 2012 · 3:47 am

4 responses to “The Daily Lex – August 27th

  1. Bill Brandt

    Always been fascinated by the Keys. Used to go diving there. Every 10-20 years mother nature send a big hurricane to blow down all the rickety buildings so man can start fresh.

  2. One year ago … we lost 4 trees including one monster than came within mere feet of taking out our barn as well. Lost power for 7 days. Thankfully we have a monster generator so we kept that thing running for the entire 7 days. Stored food in our fridges and freezers that belonged to friends who didn’t have a generator. Hosted more meals in one week than we had for the 6 months previous! We were very lucky – it did rain pretty significantly and the flooding was bad along the river. But generally speaking – it wasn’t horrible. It would be October of last year that the horribles would hit us – a freak snowstorm that dumped 24 inches of heavy wet snow on a state still barely recovered from Irene. Trees weakened in the hurricane came down in the snowstorm. It was pretty bad actually…some of the worst damage we’ve ever seen.

    • Bill Brandt

      Kris – it is a funny thing about East Coast vs West Coast attitudes – as Lex mentioned we on the west coast are a bit blase about earthquakes (at least I suppose – until the Big One comes 😉 ) – we think hurricanes are terrible – and those in East can’t understand our attitudes on quakes but accept as just nature hurricanes.

      I got an education on hurricanes when my cousin, who lives in Vero Beach FL – said that hurricane insurance on her house was $6,000 / year.

      If buying a house in FL: it is apparently a major consideration – the cost – or even if you can get it.

      As for me, put me in Lex’s column – the most exciting thing we had was in 1989 – the Loma Prieta quake.

      The most “damage” was at my parent’s house when 1,000 gallons or so sloshed out of their pool.

      But then we aren’t on a major fault line (as far as we know 😉 )

    • Actually Bill, here in New England we do find hurricanes quite frightening mostly because a big one hitting us is a rare thing indeed. So when one is powerful enough to break past all the jet flow barriers and motor to New England – you know it’s a whopper of a storm. Then again, we are used to snowstorms and blizzards, so preparedness is something we just – do.

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