No Slack

As I watched over the weekend the epic battles the hummingbirds have for superiority over the feeders or flowers, I was reminded of this post from our beloved Lex.

During the dive, the hummingbirds experienced an acceleration force nearly nine times that of gravity, the highest recorded for any vertebrate undergoing a voluntary aerial manoeuvre, with the exception of jet fighter pilots. At 7g, most pilots experience blackouts.

Of course it would not be a complete Lex post without his snark. Go to the link for further enjoyment.


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3 responses to “No Slack

  1. Epic battle for sure. I recently hung up a 48 oz feeder for the greedy little bastards and saw 6 or 7 fighting to feed from the 4 ports at one time. Lo! I had to fill the tank every two days (48 hours EXACTLY) and began to despair that I would have to hang a gallon jug from my eves to last the week. Simple math says that a hummer consumes 2 oz of liquid per day.
    THEN… Idi Amin in bird form made his appearance. One male took ownership over our entire back yard and efficiently patrolled the feeder. Not one other has been able to take more than a furtive sip since, as the bugger swoops in like a Raptor and drives them off.

    Did I say that his profile is nearly spherical after a week of this?

    • Bill Brandt

      Edward – the rest will get their revenge when this greedy bird is trying to migrate – to South America!

  2. We hung a hummingbird feeder from the deeply overhanging eave of our Evergreen, Colorado, home. The ruby-throated hummingbirds would innocently whirrrrr up to it for a drink, never realizing that a Rufus was sitting in a nearby tree protecting “his” feeder from intruders.
    He’d rush over to the feeder, brutishly scare away the rubies, and return to his overwatch.
    Nature is fascinating.

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