Yes, Sometimes Things Did Really, Really…

suck.  A lot.  This was not one of them. Yes, I know, it was a dirty, arduous detachment to the Sandwich Islands, but we stepped up to the toughest job, and for about three weeks, we did it.  Grueling work, tough flight schedules and lousy quarters and chow.  You’re welcome.


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13 responses to “Yes, Sometimes Things Did Really, Really…

  1. So – which one are you and who does the little blond doo-dad belong to?

  2. Busbob

    Egads, those electrons really did serious damage to those hairlines. Are you getting any disability for that? Just askin’…..8-)

  3. You’re lucky. It could have been three weeks at the K-bay ‘Q’, on the hilltop adjacent to the O-club and overlooking the airfield…which back in the day would have kept you rumbling until 2200 hours or better with F-4’s or FA-18’s. Now it’s the thrumming of the Phrightful Patrol Pukes. 😉

  4. Bill Brandt

    Comjam – I have always had a twinge of guilt for my deployment in Germany – when so many went to Vietnam. But then I tell people “it was a dirty job, but….”.

  5. Dang. All y’all look positively deprived. Sorta. 😉

  6. Daryle LaMonica

    Did you guys do anything without your flight suits?

  7. Bill Brandt

    I am guessing that the worst place (outside of combat) to be stationed are the following – by service branch:

    Air Force: Thule Greenland
    Navy: Diego Garcia
    Army: DMZ South Korea
    Marines: ??

    I know – after reading Robert Kaplan’s book Imperial Grunts that there are Army and Marine detachments stationed from as far as Yemen and Columbia to the Horn of Africa but I was thinking – major unit strength.

    Out of my class of 35 at Ft Bliss – all E’s to Z’s were sent to the DMZ – there were 4 of us they didn’t know where to send.

    I am sure others – having been to other exotic locations – – will be ready to correct me 😉

    i think all services can agree being stationed in Hawaii isn’t the worst place to be 😉

    • NaCly Dog

      Bill, my mountain climbing buddy was a former AF 2nd Lt who did not screen for 1st Lt. He went from Australia to Shemya, Alaska. I saw his pictures. Makes Thule look welcoming. The Cobra Dane system looked very interesting.

      Comjam, a great picture. Looks like a focused group of Naval Aviators. I can tell it’s in the modern era because there is not one per diem check hanging out of a flight suit pocket. 😏🌟

  8. Dust (aka GEO6)

    Comjam, Just a guess but I’d say looking at hair styles, ’78-’82? I was in the 3rd AD at the time. Still know our TF GBP like it was yesterday….

  9. Dust (aka GEO6)


  10. Dust

    Y’all got that “Magnum P.I.” Look.

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