Military Bleg

Funny the things you learn about people you’ve known for years.  One of my dear friends, who I’ve known for 12 years, just mentioned that he served on the USS Kittyhawk from 1990-1994 as an Aviation Electronic Technician.

I never knew he was in the Navy! And during Desert Storm as well…

So my bleg – anyone here serve on the USS Kittyhawk at the same time?  I’m curious to find out how small the world just got.



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3 responses to “Military Bleg

  1. Chris H.

    I wasn’t on KITTY HAWK during that time frame, but I deployed with the KH Battle Group in 92/93 on-board the USS LEAHY. Fun times working off Mogadishu supporting Operation Restore Hope; the KITTY HAWK and LEAHY became the air traffic control tower for the airport since it had been flattened. Then a sprint to the NAG to lob ordnance at Saddam’s missile sites for Operation Southern Watch.

    The Navy gets to be a pretty small world quickly…

  2. cg23sailor

    The Navy is a VERY small world. CG-23 USS Halsey is a Leahy Class Cruiser, Sister ship to Chris H’s USS Leahy. I was aboard her during the 91-93 time frame. And then I was aboard The Sh!tty Kitty (AKA Battle Cat, AKA Kitty Hawk) in 1994.

    Kris, Ask your friend if he was still onboard in July of 94. Ask him about the Ramp Strike we had on the 11th. Just of Japan.

  3. cg23sailor

    “Just of Japan”.. LOL I meant Just OFF Japan.

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