Heard in the clear

This one was the latest from America’s Sergeant Major today.

Got some really good lines in it. Really good lines…………….

As has been said before, you can’t make this up at all.

“Today’s final offering was found posted above a urinal in one of Cleveland’s finest establishments:”

So for a good read and a really good laugh, hit the link above and go see for yourself.


by | August 6, 2012 · 7:17 pm

5 responses to “Heard in the clear

  1. Bill Brandt

    OK I am slow.

    Don’t get the Navy part. They can’t hit it at all? Not going to touch that with a 10 foot pole 😉

    In hanging with you guys I get the feeling the Navy and Marines like to take playful jabs at each other unless there is an Army guy around – then he becomes the focus 😉

  2. When I took my class of juvenile delinquents to Namao Base, Edmonton AB, the soldiers of the PPCLI were fantastic. They started with a ‘debrief’ for the kids (all trying to look cool and unimpressed) and ended the 10 minute talk with, “Other branches of the military traditionally call we army soldiers ‘Grunts.’ We take this as a compliment. It means we’re usually the only ones working.’
    With that, he took them off to seriously impress them with Panthers and weird vehicles that could lay down 60′ chasm spans, and most exciting of all to those city slicker, would-be-little-criminals, took them out in the middle of “No Man’s Land” and fed them field rations. 😀
    Some of those juvenile delinquents later enlisted.

    • A friend of mine in Alberta, who I attended SGHS with in Bow Island, his father was in the PPCLI. I tried to enlist in the South Alberta Light Horse as a sixteen year old. Mom had a major fit and we came back to the States.

  3. Cleveland, huh?…. Distinct possibility my father – or one of his other Marine friends – was responsible for this….:D


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