A Real Man

I don’t think anyone here would have ever questioned the masculinity of our Beloved Lex.  He was a man’s man in all ways and worthy of swooning on the part of the Lex Babes.

Yes, I swoon once in a while.

Anyway, after going to today’s Daily Lex I went down the rabbit hole of archives and found this gem that showed us, very early on, just what the make of the man was:

Maybe I’m Just Anti-Social *

Originally posted in July 2004…it was in the infancy in his blog career and yet the fully-formed writer was evident:

A friend of our church friends showed up – younger (30), a little hyper-active. Voluminous, opinionated, manifesting scattered, non-contiguous thinking. I lay there on the blanket, and watched him somewhat bemusedly, quietly. Keeping my own counsel.

Go, read it.

**07-10-18 With Lex’s website beinkg down for years changed the link to our new one – Ed. 


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8 responses to “A Real Man

  1. One of my favorites. 🙂 I hadn’t read it in years, though… maybe six? It’s always so neat to go back and read something having had a bit more knowledge of the person writing it since I first read it.

    In late May (IIRC) I had the opportunity to mention this story to Mary herself. She at first thought I was referring to something else and told a wonderful story about how an inebriated and hulking young flyer at a wetting down (I think) scooped her off her feet in her beautiful linen suit despite her vehement protests and threw her into the Officer’s Club pool. Lex was inside the building at the time, but saw it going down. He reportedly went flying out the door with wingman close behind him, and decked the guy without breaking stride.

    Knowing the above story now makes me realize why he would’ve (incomprehensibly to us ladies) asked if he’d overdone his response to the July 4th incident, having this earlier one in the back of his mind. But it’s all a piece of the same man–age and wisdom just tempered him a little bit… 🙂

  2. Bill Brandt

    In reading that Lex painted a great picture of that evening – a wonderful evening “until” … and that ‘friend’ of their friends – was a real jackass to be sure. I’d have to say based on this story – and the story fuzz1 just remembered – Lex was a Man’s Man.

    I’m thinking too in the former incident – in the military environment – and officer decking another officer at a military function – the possiblity of plenty of !@#$% coming down – Lex didn’t care what any retributions might have been – he was bringing retribution o nbehalf of his wife – consequences be damned –

  3. Bill, I’d wager that in retrospect Lex believed he’d lost control with that fellow officer. Hence, his concern that the more recent incident might perhaps have been an over-reaction. But as I said, wisdom and age gave him the patience to teach the lesson with more control and quiet power the second time around.

    I think that growth curve is found in all good men of passion and intensity. I see that even in my fiance who is over 10 years younger–he talks about how as a young enlisted Marine his unit literally fought with nearby barracks purely for the interest of it or because of a minor insult, and he says they hated each other just because. Now at nearly 40, I’ve seen him capable of great and righteous anger, but never seen him lose control. I think if someone laid rude hands on me, he’d see red in half a second, but I also know he has a great depth of self control that would likely lead him to take the wisest and most effective course… rather than responding without thought. As I said, a function of age and wisdom in hot-blooded men… 😉

    • Bill Brandt

      As I said, a function of age and wisdom in hot-blooded men… 😉

      Good points fuzz1 At least the wise ones learn more self control. Among our gender there are plenty of old hot heads who never seem to learn.

      In Lex’s case – both times – I think something physical was demanded – just “saying something” to “men” who would do such things wouldn’t be enough – so to Lex’s eternal question at del Mar – I’d say his reaction was “just right”. Sorta like a Doberman who could rip a man’s throat – the man knows it – and the Dobie just has him cornered, teeth showing 😉

      In the first incident he is lucky he didn’t have to see his CO – but I would suspect the CO knowing the circumstances was willing to forget it.

  4. Lex always said he married up and I daresay that even time tempering his intuitive response, defending his bride would be uppermost in his mind under any circumstances. That and the cool confidence from knowing that he could best a Voluminous, opinionated, manifesting scattered, non-contiguous thinking troll.
    All that said, I recall when I first read this post that my thoughts as he relayed what happened to Mary was going to be what Mary did to the troll. Now that would have been an interesting read, not that Lex’s knight-in-shining-armor response wasn’t.

  5. Bill Brandt

    Kris – fuzz1 – before I leave this thread wanted to tell you about how someone described a typical Navy SEAL – I am trying to remember the right words but it was in essence “controlled explosive intensity” – The violence matches the situation.

    Then too men who know they have the ability to whip anyone at the bar don’t need to prove it every day. It is the weak and insecure ones who always feel they have to prove something.

    Never will forget this Sgt in the Army – built like a bear, quiet unless you asked him a question – never said much. Just came to Germany from Vietnam.

    Heard one day he put 3 in the hospital who felt they had to fight – at the NCO Club.

    The quiet ones – and the small Filipinos – can do some serious damage 😉

  6. NaCly Dog

    I’ve been read Lex from the beginning, in order. That post, coupled with his raising children post, show how great Lex was as a Man, a father, and a role-model for us all.

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