Whatever Free Time You Thought You Had…

Will now be sucked up here. Airplane pR0n of the best kind.  Embrace the fact that it’s Monday, it’s the summer, and you really, really want to just check out this great collection of flight test, moto, manufacturer and just flat out great airplane flicks!  Go on, I dare you not to watch at least one.  Oh, and then bookmark the site. 🙂


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9 responses to “Whatever Free Time You Thought You Had…

  1. I watched one. Just one. A grumman flick that looks to be out of the mid to late 70’s. Made me feel old. Phantoms are gone, as are the Tomcat and the SLUF. I know ComJam is feeling rickety seeing his old steed, and knowing it, too, has been laid to rest.
    And then the beards and haircuts of the 70’s…{sigh} I was in the Marines then, so none of that mattered, but an era long, long gone by. The crazy part? Given genetics, and I don’t fark things up too badly, I’m only a few years past the mid-point in this cruise. If the world lives that long, what will we see come and go? Even Lex’ beloved Bug is long in the tooth these daze.

  2. Dang. There goes most of THIS week. 🙂

  3. Yup. I may need some alone time too…or not…yeah probably.

  4. Holy cow! In all fairness I am at work so I owe my employer my time – but I will do some serious cruzin when I get home. I think Comjam has found the Mother Lode of aviation history.

    Mongo – you know you are getting old when virtually every piece of equipment you knew in the military is in museums now –

    I was in the commissary a few days ago – saw an active duty Major (a rarity in this commissary) – mentioned Hueys and he said “I heard of those things”

  5. Busbob

    Watch the B-47 downward ejection tests, they used people instead of dummies. I hesitate to say they used actual pilots, who would volunteer for such abuse?
    The film is silent, the tests are over the ocean so the rescue team gets lots of practice, which they evidently needed. One of the victims–I’m sorry–“volunteers”, is next to the boat in his flotation gear and the swimmer is trying to get the man in the rescue litter. After a bit the volunteer, who has just punched out of a jet downward and has had a full day, gets into the litter on his own. Then the boat crew hoists the litter from only one side, thereby dumping the man back in the water. It’s a good laugh after seeing a couple of the men injured, and the fact that it’s a silent film lets the viewer fill in his/her own scripted comments.

  6. tgmccoy

    thanks, now I have something to do at work..!

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  8. You, sir, are an evul man, 🙂

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