Death in Colorado

Not a jihadist, apparently.  Not someone with a bizarre political agenda.  Not someone who even tried for “suicide by cop.” One of our “best and brightest,” by at least one account.  I’ll let others huff and puff, opine and speak of “context” and societal and cultural issues.  I’ll let all those in the “mental health industry” try and give us reasons for this act of egregious brutality. Sometimes, crazy is just plain crazy.  Because of that crazy, lives have ended and other lives have unalterably changed forever. Other than that, I got nothing.


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16 responses to “Death in Colorado

  1. Because of that crazy, lives have ended and other lives have unalterably changed forever. Other than that, I got nothing.

    Yeah. Me two. Other than sadness and a baseball bat, I got nothing.

  2. Jimmy J.

    Had a simillar scenario here in our small farm town about three years ago.
    The man was a psychopath that family and others were concerned about, but could not get him into an institution where he was no danger to himself or others. I suspect they will find something similar with this man.

    The victims and their famillies need our prayers and the help of their communities to deal with all the pain, both physical and mental. It is to weep.

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  5. Grumpy

    COMJAM, When “plain crazy” starts to make sense, this is the time for you to start to worry.

    For many of us, the only and the best thing for us to do is to keep the victims, families, extended families and communities in our thoughts and prayers. The wounds, both seen and and more tragically unseen, that will live on in the victims.

  6. cg23sailor

    Already liberals are trying to spin this for more gun control, more firearms bans.
    When the Wolf gets to the Sheep, all they can think to do is take the teeth from the Sheepdogs!
    Sometimes Crazy IS just plain crazy. Truer words were never spoken.

  7. Bill Brandt

    And I remember back in 1966 when Charles Whitman got up on the tower at UT and started shooting. That’s when the craziness seemed to start. That same summer if I am not mistaken Richard Speck. Speck murdered the nurses.

    And apparently someone from NBC news wanted so badly to link this to the Tea Party he found a James Holmes on a list, despite a 20+ year age difference. The latter Holmes has had to disconnect his phone.

    Such is the state of investigative journalism in the US these days….

    i tell you when people like me are considered to be in the middle of the Bell Curve it’s time to start worrying 😉

  8. Paul L. Quandt

    “And apparently someone from NBC news…”
    According to Glenn Reynolds, it was someone from ABC.


  9. Bill Brandt

    Paul – still makes one lose respect for many “news” people

    • Paul L. Quandt


      I don’t have a problem with that; I have had no respect for them for decades.


  10. cg23sailor

    “suicide by cop”… Back in 2003-2004 My little Brother received a call from Dispatch. There was a man who was upset about something. It was unclear as to what and wanted to talk with an officer. Before my brother could get to it however another officer from the ongoing shift (My Brother was offgoing and it was shift change) radioed that he would handle the call. Little Brother went off duty and that was that.

    The other officer however got a dispatch to a more important call and it was some time before he could get back to the upset man. On arrival, the man’s wife answered the door and she was very upset and fearful. Apparently her husband was planning on blowing away the first officer to show up on his door step and then get into a shootout with the other responding officers in a suicide by cop. But the police took too long and he got sidetracked into doing something or other in the garage and did not hear the door. His wife managed to get to the door rather than him and the officers were able to take the man into custody without further incident.

    Had it not been for it being shift change, and the other officer taking his call and then getting delayed himself, that would have been my brother getting killed to spark this insane man’s suicide.

  11. Bill Brandt

    cg23sailor – makes you wonder about the big scheme of things – but thankful for the result – no matter how it happened

  12. cg23sailor

    Puts one in mind of the saying, “There but for the grace of God…”

  13. Hogday

    Mental illness is responsible for so much, yet it remains the poor relation in medical science.

    • Daryle LaMonica

      As Charles Krauthammer pointed out last night, in the sixties and seventies we changed how we deal with the mentally ill. We no longer institutionalize them. I suspect that as a result we don’t get them treatment.

  14. Suicide by cop doesn’t seem to fit the profile and evidence emerging. Guy was covered in body armor – including head, neck and extremities. He had something different in mind, what with the deadly booby traps at his apartment. Mentally ill seems to fit this however he also had a valid permit and purchased his guns legally. Now…how smart do you have to be to conceal this kind of crazy???

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