Blue Angels circa 1970

Found this one at AirPigz Blog. Good place with some neat stuff on occasion.

For all to enjoy!

It has all the shaky stuff and other things relative to home movies of forty two years ago.


by | June 30, 2012 · 2:14 pm

7 responses to “Blue Angels circa 1970

  1. Pretty cool vid. But I think the Phantom looked better in white with red/white/blue trim. 😉

    (There’s some dark blue Phantoms there, too.)

  2. oldskydog

    Not sure if he was with them yet in 1970, but my PreFlight roomie and good friend Capt Mike Murphy, USMC was killed in the midair in 72 as I recall. Two combat tours in the F-4 without a scratch and he buys the farm in an airshow. You just never know.

    • Bill Brandt

      oldSkyDog – I hesitated mentioning this on the subject of Phantoms – given the reason for this site – but cg23sailor mentioned seeing an F14 crash on deck and I had a similar memory – Transpo 72 at Dullles Airport, summer of 1972.

      One of the Thuinderbirds – in a Phantom – had a flameout on the climbout – the pilot bailed out but was caught in the fireball.

      As cg23sailor said you don’t forget such things much as you would like to.

    • Bill Murphy

      Mike Murphy was a Blue Angel pilot in 1972 and 1973. The accident that killed him and other team members was on July 26, 1973 at McGuire AFB in New Jersey. I never had the chance to see him fly. He was my first cousin on my Dad’s side of the Murphy family. Mike’s Dad was LTG. John R. Murphy USAF, retired. He retired in 1975 and lived out his life in San Antonio.

  3. Bill Brandt

    AFAIK this was the only time both the Thunderbirds (is that word allowed here? 😉 ) – and Blue Angels had the same plane. Then the Blues went to the A4 and the Thunderbirds the F16 (I think)

    Don’t think the A4 had nearly the power of the Phantom….

  4. TG McCoy

    I Knew an Oregon ANG F-4 driver, he said that he was always amazed at
    Both teams ability with the F-4 . He said that kind of formation aerobatics
    in the F-4 was like race preparing a Mack 10 yard Dump and running the
    Daytona 500.
    1. you will likely finish.
    2. you won’t come in first.
    3. you will not have fun doing it.

  5. Dwight Cardwell

    I was in VT-10 at the time. I had walked thru the Blues’ hanger earlier that week. Not sure if the bird that crashed was one in the hanger that day.

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