Double California Taxes 2012

California taxpayers are simply not taxed enough, so Governor Jerry Brown is asking Californians to vote for higher taxes this November, and why not?

We need to pay double taxes statewide immediately.  Let’s look into our hearts, reach deep inside our wallets, and start throwing huge wads of cash toward Sacramento.

The rest is at the link.

Be advised this is California Humour, such that that is.


by | June 28, 2012 · 11:22 pm

3 responses to “Double California Taxes 2012

  1. Humor or not, methinks it time to issue another recall, ala Red> Gray Davis. Only this time, California, try and find yourself someone other than another Ahhhnold. 😉

  2. Try that again: Humor or not, methinks it time to issue another recall, ala Red Gray Davis. Only this time, California, try and find yourself someone other than another Ahhhnold. 😉

  3. Bill Brandt

    Being a nastive Californian I have tended to get cynical over their politics since the 1990s. The 2 most powerful lobbying groups here are the teacher’s union and trial lawyers. Of course talking about the ethical ramifications of a group electing politicians who then decide on that group’s pay and pensions – and you have a large part of our problem today.

    It is ironic that our current governor was the one who allowed labor unions into the state. In the 70s – his first term.

    Now, 40 years later, he is dealing with the ramifications of that decision.

    We have a pension obligation that simply can’t be met.

    Paying prison guards $200,000+.

    If Arnold had only had the cojones of Scott Walker – but he caved soon into his administration when the labor unions spent many 10s of milloins on a ye3ar long ad campaign against him.

    The public, seeing a year of negative TV ads would start to think even Mother Teresa is hiding something.

    There are a couple of interesting inititives on the Nov ballot – this process, started by Gov Hirem Johnson in the early 1900s the power of the people to circumvent (at the time) the power of the Southern Pacific Railroad in the legislature.

    There are some aspects of that today – the initiative process – that hqave becopmer perverted – big money interests and big ad campaigns – but still – it is the best we got.

    We recently had an inititive to tack yet another tax on cigaretts – $1 – to help “research”. It was touted asd being only levied against smokers – but apparently a lot of non smokers – myself included – vgoted against it.

    Out of the millions of votes cast last I heard it was going down by a 17,000 vote margin.

    I am just sick of these idiots constantly sticking their hands in my pocket.

    Coming up I heard is an inititive to disallow both labor unions and companies to contributing directly into a campaign – look for that to be nasty.

    And after the tobacco tac I have just a bit of optimism – after all we do have a lot of – ugh – nutty things poast – but I don’t think this tax increase proposal will be a shoo-in.

    All these tax adherents arte too stupid to see that it continues to drive people out – 1000s of companies since the 70s.

    And that is one reason somone touted as the reasoin CA has turned blue – the state that gave Reagan.

    Could write more but it is lunch time and time for my Habit Burger (although In-N-Out still reigns supreme) 😉

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