A Solution to Our LCS Acquisition Woes?

Hmmm, given all the sturm-und-drang over the Little Crappy Ship, er, Littoral Combat Ship, it’s possible that we may have a properly suitable replacement available.  It’s very low-observable (“Stealthy”) is made from renewable resources and appears to have a very low acquisition cost.  Behold, I give you, courtesy of this morning’s USNI Digest, the Keystone Radar Rocket Ship! 🙂




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5 responses to “A Solution to Our LCS Acquisition Woes?

  1. Probably about as useful, too. That said, it is a cool looking model. Thing’s been around a while, hasn’t it? Reminds me of ship models I used to see as a kid. Spikkin a which, I miss the models from that time.

    The first time LCS gets in a pissing contest with another ship, it won’t take very many 5″ entry holes to relieve us of that wasteful expenditure. One Exocet or AS-17 Krypton will send it skyward in a gazillion pretty little sparklies; we won’t talk about what happens to the crew. Everyone knows we’ll never be able to send it anywhere, without an adult ship nearby to protect its sorry punk ass.


  2. Bill Brandt

    If they keep cutting the DoD budget that will be something serious to look into!

  3. Anonymous

    …..I see what you did there

  4. Fin

    Aren’t the LCS’s the ships that a Marine Corps General used to kick the shit out of everyone when they first wargamed it?

    During our cruise in the summer of ’92, the Sara put a Sea Sparrow into the side of a Turkish Destroyer, formerly a US Destroyer. Took the bridge out (off?) and most of the wardroom. Definitely a mission kill when nearly all your O’s are dead. USS Stark 37 dead, 21 injured – mission kill by Exocets. Also, didn’t the Exocets reek havoc on the RN ships in the Falklands? HMS Sheffield (4XLCS in weight) was lost to one (1) unexploded Exocet. All adult ships.

    Protected by a adult ship? Air Force doesn’t go anywhere without an AWAC nearby. What’s the difference?

    Smaller does have advantages, but it’s just not the American Way.

    • Fin, a lot of folks sing the praises of WWII PT boats and their successes, but, reality is, they suffered enormous losses by comparison to enemy ships sunk. They were courageous, they inflicted considerable damage, but…

      As for Mission Kill, I suppose that depends on who’s defining Mission Kill. USS STARK could afford to retreat with their casualties and damage, given there wasn’t a pressing need for them to stay on station. World War II history is replete with American Destroyers going to battle against Japanese Cruisers and Battleships with scarcely a couple boilers cooking enough steam to turn a single screw. Never mind most of the crew was dead, weapons were inoperative, and their final attack was a certifiable suicide run.

      Re. your reference to AWACS, neither do they go anywhere without protection. It’s not just the American way, it’s damn good sense. Re. Sheffield and the others lost in the Falklands scrimmage, as in the case of the STARK nobody was taking the threat seriously and paid the price for it. STARK had several warnings that the Mirage targeted them with brief radar paints, but the TAO disregarded them as benign. Bad decision.

      The LCS main gun is a fine shore bombardment weapon, and has the virtue of being able to load multiple round types quickly during the firing evolution. It also has a shortcoming in that it cannot effectively withstand multiple threats simultaneously. In my opinion, LCS need a Block upgrade including a more extensive defensive suite. LCS cannot defend itself against, to use your example, Exocet, nor can it detect, acquire, lock on to, and shoot down the Russian Krypton missile. It just ain’t happening.

      As for killing the majority of the Officer corps aboard a U.S. Navy ship, that has an aftermath I wouldn’t wish on anyone. You see, killing the Officers would leave the Chiefs in charge, and, brother, you can have my turn any day facing the hell that comes out of that. Officers tell CPO’s what needs doing, and the Chiefs get it done. Chief Petty Officers are the ones conducting the real business of war, and the Officers will tell you so. So, Mission Kill? Not on board a U.S. Navy ship. Nuh uh…

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