The Daily Lex – June 10th

The Daily Lex – June 10th

Been wondering about that myself

Originally posted June 10th, 2006…with a nod to Kris in New England.

Ask her why. 😉

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  1. Bill Brandt

    As I have come to expect Lex can make posts long – or short – and still cause discussion. On the .45 – invented by John Browning because the Moro insurgents in the Philippine-American War – would bind their limbs to slow bleeding – charge the Americans and the then used .38 wouldn’t always stop them. They would hack the Americans with machetes before dying from the .38.

    John Browning invented the .45 for that reason and together with the 1911-A1 – the sidearm used by the military for a good 70-80 years (and many still love it today) – it served well.

    The .45 is slow but the 200 grain bullet really shocks whatever it hits.

    Or as a Marine sgt once told me, “It’s like throwing a brick though a plate glass window”.

    When the military here decided to standardize with NATO and adopt the 9mm Baretta many in the forces thought that was a huge mistake. (myself included but they didn’t ask me)

    I think some in the special-ops community still use the .45.

    The M16? Well it has been controversial since Vietnam. Easily jammed if dirty and soldiers/Marines learned to use 1 rd less than magazine capacity to avoid jamming.

    Always remember a passage from David Hackworth’s book About Face telling about the troubles he had in the Army during Vietnam. Lest you think he was just a whiner, he was one of the most decorated soldiers in Army history.

    He took this demoralized Army unit in Vietnam and really turned them around.

    Anyway, on the M16 vs AK-47 he took an old AK47 that had been buried in a bog for some time – months – years? and without even removing the magazine fired it – the first time.

    The AK BTW has its origins from a German WW2 gun.

    The 5.56 I had always heard made up for its less mass in bullet weight by its speed. That has been the old debate in cartridge design – speed vs mass. The .45, on one end is slow but it’s that brick though a plate glass window.

    I never had to use the M16 in combat but you can’t argue against those who have – and found it lacking.

    Oh, on the holes in the target – sometimes I like to play a joke on friends out on the range. They will be shooting with my little S & W Model 63 .22 – a nice little revolver – and I will be shooting with my .45 – the SIG. When I am in a mischievous mood I will put a round through their target. It’s funny to see their reaction when they see the holes.

    You can definitely see the difference 😉

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