New Pr0n

Seems that there could be endless “pr0n” possibilities.  Please allow me to introduce yet another one … something near and dear to my heart.

Gun Pr0n.

A target-rich subject to be sure.  heh heh heh

So here we go.  My latest acquisition – the Sig Sauer P238 .380 ACP in Rainbow Titanium with Rosewood grips.

I have been lusting after this little baby since Sig Sauer introduced the P238 about 2 years ago.  But at a premium price of nearly $800 for a pocket pistol…I couldn’t justify the cost.

Time has done the work for me.  The price has dropped about $200 and I did 2 things to help myself:  sold a bunch of stuff on eBay and traded in another Sig Sauer handgun to fund this purchase.

Which … I executed last night.  This sweet, tight and gorgeous firearm has now been welcomed into the family.  Beautiful trigger pull, night sights, a petite holster and overall the perfect size for the hands of a girl.

As my motto goes – just because I’m a girl with a gun doesn’t mean I can’t look good.


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11 responses to “New Pr0n

  1. Bill Brandt

    Kris – you like guns, American Muscle Cars – you seem about perfect to me 😉 I am not an expert Marksman (have seen some who are) but over the years I have advised women who have an interest in learning about shooting to get this book –

    I met her once – she is this petite blond who probably shoots like Annie Oakley.

    Whenever I have taken women to the range I get a vicarious thrill when I see them start to grin as they discover how much fun target shooting is.

    To the SIG – You have had another so you know about its virtues, most learned after you have had some time with it. I would say that the chief virtue is ergonomics – everything is controllable without removing your hand from the grip.

    Single and double action, a de-cocking lever so the hammer goes down – giving the safety of a revolver – and good workmanship on top of all that.

    Now if ammunition weren’t so expensive these days…..

    Congratulations on your new addition!

    • Bill – thank you; like Mary Poppins I am practically perfect in every way. 🙂 And thank you for the book suggestion; I have ordered it from Amazon. I’ve been shooting for over 3 years now and while I’m no expert, I am very accurate, particularly in a tactical scenario. And especially with my S&W .38 Chiefs Special revolver. It is my nightstand firearm…

    • Bill Brandt

      Kris – despite the book’s name (and presumed audience) there is good advice for everyone. She goes into the history of the cartridges, semi-auto vs revolver – it is a good book for anyone. If you are really interested in honing your defensive shooting skills (and have fun at the same time) see if a group that does Practical Pistol is in your area – they are a national group – you go through a day of safety orientation (I ALMOST got a well-deserved royal chewing out by the police sgt/instructor when, on the command to eject (drop the magazine, pull the slide back) he hears the unmistakable sound of my weapon firing – turns out the ejected cartridge just “happened” to hit a sharp pebble on the primer – but that is a story for another time)

      If you can afford the cost of shooting your ammunition – you’ll burn though easily 100 rounds in a day – that is a great sport – running against the clock hitting pop-up targets – you hone your skills and have fun at the same time.

      naturally safety is paramount – like aviation you will learn some specific phrases – with people running around with loaded weapons this has to be iron clad – but once in you will have a blast – no pun intended 😉

    • Bill – actually my husband goes to a weekend Tactical Shooting League; I have an open invitation to join them anytime. And I’m thinking about it for the summer…he loves it, the guys who are in the league are top-shelf folks and I do loves me some shooting scenarios. We do them on our own in the tactical range at our club.

  2. Hiram

    Great pistol, Kris. As noted in the previous comment, SIG is a fine choice. I carried a P220 for a long time.

  3. atlanticcoast63

    …Someday, I will be able to convince my wife that it’s time to get a firearm, and I have it all picked out:



  4. Which … I executed last night.

    No pun, on hopes. 😉

    Nice pistol.

  5. One word for girls with guns … Sexy. Mmmph!
    I’ve forever been a Glock man, but Sig’s are always in the competition for my attention. Good going, Kris!

  6. Daryle LaMonica

    Kris, back in early May I was up your way to take a 3 day defensive handgun course at the Blue Trail range in Wallingford. It was great. I plan to go back for one of their one day seminars next month. The course was given by the American Small Arms Academy. Great fun and useful, too.

    • Ah – Blue Trail has been at the center of a huge controversy for years now. Accusations were made about people deliberately shooting over the back berm into the neighboring yards. They were nearly shut down by the state. It was all bogus of course; a new sub-division went in and the snooty homeowners suddenly realized what the real estate ads meant when they disclosed that a gun range was in the ‘hood as well.
      Blue Trail is a great place and I know they give some good courses.
      We recently discovered that the Blackwater Security Group – yes, THE Blackwater – has a location about 15 minutes from us for their Elite Training School – Academi. The hubby’s birthday is in 2 weeks and I am considering getting him their 2-day defensive course as a gift.

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