Well, since somebody’s got their Phantom pr0n on…

…I guess I’ll throw in my two bits worth. Whether a Phlyer or a Phixer, Phantoms were da’ kine and nobody ever told you any different. The folx over at McD made over 5,000 of them, they flew in many an Air Force and Navy, and there’s nothing like the howl made by an early model J-79…a real attention getter.

The funny thing about a Phantom was that it loved to fly. The more you phlew it, the happier it was, and the less it would make you phix it. Neglect her for even a couple of days, and she’d turn contrary. Fuel and hydraulic fluid would come out of places you would never expect, Comm/Nav gear would get cockeyed, or a generator would go Tango Uniform. Phly it or phix it. That’s the Phantom way.

Aside from a couple of outsiders, most of the shots below are from my days with Aircraft Targets at Pt. Mugu. Strangely enough Lex worked from the very same hangar where we gathered daily for our threat based mischief, so enjoy the scenery. Also, certain of the smoking thunder hogs appear to have left home without something. See if you can determine what it is. 😉

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4 responses to “Well, since somebody’s got their Phantom pr0n on…

  1. Bill Brandt

    I wish I could find that book on Edwards Test pilot stories – like a lot of planes that went on to great success the Phantom had a serious problem in the beginning, and I can’t remember what it was.

    But then this morning I can’t remember where I wanted to explore the new route for my car club’s drive next month.

    I knew it last night 😉

  2. Jan Jacobs

    There’s one pic there of a section of VF-301 F-4S Phantom IIs. I’m in the back seat of the “wing” aircraft. Photo was taken by Bruce Trombecky. Date was sometime in ’82/’83/’84.

  3. NavyDavy

    Looks like a couple of them went flying without a pilot or back seater.

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