Time for some P-8 pics

Not the sexiest machine, but half the future of maritime patrol.  They’re flying the P-8 test force at VX-20 hard.  Test programs have a way of being put in a crisis mode – the program is behind schedule, over cost, and the test team gets told to start working 6 days a week/10-12 hours per day to make up the shortfall.  Ugly.ImageImage


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14 responses to “Time for some P-8 pics

  1. Jeff Gauch

    Because nothing ensures quality work and good data like tired and pissed off people.

    There’s strong, and then there’s Army Strong.

    There’s dumb, and then there’s Navy Dumb.

    I was going to say there’s no way to beat Navy Dumb until I read about some Occupy nimrods who took over a Cal State farm in order to turn it into a…farm.

    • I suppose it will get the job done. However, not a thing of beauty.

    • NavyDavy

      It does not have a tail hook on it. Water is not coming over the bow. There is cold beer in the refer. The job will get done and it will be a quality NAVY job. And when they are on their arduous deployment to Bermuda it will be history.

  2. I think they may regret the loss of MAD gear. Not a beauty, but we must train future airline pilots.

    • jeopardyinmd

      IIRC, other countries ordered P-8s with MAD gear, so here’s my question: Is it something that can be “bolted on” later? I understand that there’s be a learning curve associated, what with not having used it in x years.

  3. Spencer

    Where do the pax sit? 😉

  4. I’m guessing there’ll be no shutting down ol’ number one to save gas. Eh?
    No MAD gear is madness in itself, and would have cost virtually nothing more to include.
    Besides, without the obvious sign of arousal, how will anyone know they have found a submarine?
    Ah, crap. What was I thinking? Ignore that last thought…

  5. I don’t quite get why they didn’t stick with a turboprop – wouldn’t that have better ‘loiter’ time, which is a ‘good thing’ when it comes to ASW (isn’t it)?

    • Mike M.

      Part of it may have been a desire to keep Boeing in the military aviation business. After losing JSF, the MMA contract was the only major buy available. I’ve also heard rumor that the Lockheed MMA bid was weak – that they figured they had it in the bag already.

  6. Spencer

    So my fellow Lexicans, picture #2 has an F-14 Tomcat in the background parked in air show static display. The last of that mighty type to take to the skies was in 2006 or 2007 before quietly retiring themselves to Arizona. The pickle here is this; the P-8’s first flight was in 2009. How did these two come together at an airshow?

    • It’s an F-14A in NATC colors, which means TPS or somebody else is keeping it around for some arcane test purpose. TPS exposes its students to sundry aircraft platforms to test their mettle in the flight test environment.

    • Mike M.

      They towed it over from the T&E Museum.

      That being said, Mongo is right. TPS does have a large inventory of rather unusual aircraft…to say nothing of what they bring in for visits. 🙂

    • They towed it over from the T&E Museum.
      Now that, sir, is a travesty in itself. A perfectly capable flying machine…towed, like some kind of cripple in a wheelchair. The shame of it. The shame of it, I tell you!

  7. Spencer

    I agree Mongo. Though they’d have to tow it to the very runway it sits on to get it airborne. Over on the FB side we determined it was this bird:

    BuNo 161623. Technically designated NF-14D (avionics test platform for F-14D program, but with TF30 motors). Now owned by National Museum of Naval Aviation, on loan to Pax River Naval Air Museum.

    If fhe paint job fits, you must acquit…

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