For those of you not on Facebook I hereby share what I saw last night, in the parking lot of the grocery store.

The fact that this is the liberal wasteland of New England – it was surprise enough.  That is was on a Subaru in a Whole Foods parking lot was – shocking.

The Oracle and I both just – stopped dead and stared.  I wanted to take an actual picture (the image above is a grab from Google Images) but the owner was sitting in the car.

Herself in her late 20s, possibly early 30s.

In New England. In a Subaru. At Whole Foods.

Gave me – hope.

Now I know – I was at Whole Foods.  Please no snarky comments, I like my food organic and they are the very best for it.  That said, we drive a Jeep…


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10 responses to “Seen

  1. oldafsarge

    Yes, NE is a liberal wasteland. However, there are pockets of us Conservatives holding out, clinging to our Bibles, guns and traditional values. Perhaps there is hope yet?

  2. dwas

    oh may need to be vetted ,

  3. Hmmm, normally an unmarried woman driving that car causes its name to change. However, this sticker would negate that tendancy in this case. If NE is a liberal wasteland, does that make Vermont a Socialist Paradise? I feel like the lone guy yelling “Freebird!” at a NWA concert. 😀


  4. dwas: I have cred, man! I drive American cars, I fly the American flag at my house, I enjoy the privlieges afforded me by the Second Amendment and I go to church every week. I just don’t cling to them bitterly, I just cling to them with love.

    • dwas

      You always have cred with me, lol..I just needed to reply to a mail this morning..and yours was just in, lol…Bless you and yours..have a terrific weekend..!!

  5. LT Rusty

    Can I just note here that I live in California, and that my last car was a blue 2002 Volvo station wagon … with an NRA life member sticker in the rear window?

    • Another brave soul breaking the mold!

    • tranger1

      LT, that must have had the libs runnin’ in little circles making mad squirrel noises.

    • LT Rusty

      I haven’t put the NRA sticker in the window on my new car – a Saab – yet. I think this time I might go a little more subtle, and just get one with the logo on it instead. Looks like the bolt face on an AR. It’s a little more opaque to most people than the NRA sticker. 🙂

  6. tranger1

    Mornin’ Kris.
    Guy C

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