Faith and Sacrifice

Sorry for the back-to-back posts, but I came across this story and had to share.

The good folks at the Beeb bring us the story of US Army Chaplain Father Emil Kapaun, a Catholic priest and POW during the Korean War.  As a result of his heroism and selflessness, he is simultaneously being considered for both the Medal of Honor and Sainthood.



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10 responses to “Faith and Sacrifice

  1. Daryle LaMonica

    Medal of Honor AND Sainthood? That clearly beats Al Gore’s Oscar and Nobel, dontcha think? Sheesh, just being considered for either of them is a huge honor, but being considered for both is extraordinary.

  2. Daryle is right, this is extraordinary. Quite a man, quite a priest – God certainly tested him beyond what most of us could withstand.

  3. I read stories like this from time to time that are quite inspiring. I’m not a regular attendee at Mass by any means (actually, I can count on one hand how many times a decade) and when I read something like this, I feel that ‘pull’ to go back. One of these days….!

    • Todd – after 15+ years in a self-imposed spiritual wilderness I returned to church in 2010 and it was the Catholic Church that called me back (I was not raised Catholic, was raised in a fundamental/evangelical cult-ish faith). I felt that “pull” and I allowed it to take me wherever it wanted me to go.
      Don’t ignore the pull Todd…it led me to a place that has made me happier than I’ve been in a very long time.

    • I’d like to have a conversation about that, Kris.

  4. dwas

    I was in the first graduating class in a Jesuit High School honoring him three children..and now my grandchildren are was quite an honor..

  5. dwas

    And at such an early age for have such an example to look up to..

  6. I lived in Wichita, Kansas for eleven plus years. Father Kapaun is a revered person there. The Catholic High School on the Eastside bears his name.
    There was even a movement for awhile to have the Navy name a ship for him of the Arleigh Burke Class. It was a local thing to Wichita and the surrounding area.

  7. homefrontsix

    We have a chapel here on post named after him. Very interesting to learn the story behind the name.

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