Everyone Loves a Good Prank

One of Lex’s classmates pulled a pretty good one at the Pentagon. 




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7 responses to “Everyone Loves a Good Prank

  1. Yup, read this early and thought it was pure gold.

    • Mike Kozlowski

      Pure gold, indeed, Sir.
      I am reminded of the time someone put a Bat-Signal on the Nellis AFB tower beacon, but that’s another story.


  2. msgtbuck

    Capt. Hord makes no apologies.

    “A little bit of alcohol and a whole big dose of irreverence plays into it,” he said. “Plus you feel like you’re getting one over on somebody.”

    Substitute “Sgt. Pennington” for Capt. Hord and you have a concise and oh-so-accurate description of my semi-illustrious military career.

  3. Sounds like a harmless, funny prank to me. The Wall Street Journal featured it at the bottom of the front page.

  4. That was a great story. I miss this type of thing, a good service prank that goes on for a while…

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