Come to Belgium – they do great beer

My previous post does seem a little serious, so I thought I’d lighten up a little by sharing this advertisement with you. And in case anyone is thinking of visiting Europe in the near future, this is what they think might be deemed `fun`.

N.B. I’m British, I’m NOT European! (We still have the £ and The English Channel and I think the tunnel may even have pre-positioned charges, just in case we feel the need to make a point 😉



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14 responses to “Come to Belgium – they do great beer

  1. stscm

    Sorry Mate, the vid is dead…:)

  2. jeopardyinmd

    The motorcyclist should have had a bigger role. The football* team was a nice touch.

    *American term for for a team sport where the ball rarely touches a player’s actual foot.

  3. Daryle LaMonica

    I thought there was going to be beer! Me? I would have hit the button again.

  4. msgtbuck

    Now THAT was just pretty danged cool.

    The Belgians DO make great beer. As a s’matter o’ fact, there’s some in my fridge right now.

  5. John Blackshoe

    That was funny! Bet Lex would have come up with some exceptionally witty introduction, but it is still a great bit!

  6. Bud is now a Belgian Beer. Some German Sailors I treated back in ’74 thought it was pretty sorry stuff. Just like Belgians, they might have said.

    And we all know that Belgians are Malingerers*.

    *see English Translation of Le Boudin.

  7. oldafsarge

    Ah, les Belges, je fais comme eux, pour la plupart.

    Just to show how cosmopolitan I can be.

    Prefer German beer myself, though I have had Belgian beer on occasion.

    QM – very nice, “Le Boudin”. For those who are unaware, check this out:

    Vive la Légion!

  8. Hmmm, a couple of things. First, got the coordinates to that square? I’d love to push that button. Ask my boss, he tells me I push his buttons all the time. Second.

    Vive le mort, vive le guerre, vive le sacre Legionaire.

    Not really a big Belgian beer fan though.


  9. Daryle LaMonica

    The Belgian, Trappist monks of the St. Sixtus Monastary make the Westvleteren 8% beer, sold only at their monastary and on the grey market. When I tasted it I heard angels sing. True story. Beer. Angels. Singing.

    • Hogday

      Daryle, they weren’t Trappist monks, they were just passing tourists who decided they needed an excuse to stay – you have been warned;)

  10. Well, they did add drama! Thanks Hogday, that was great.

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