Daily Red Flag

Our three jets on the line.

We were quite busy most of the time. We had one crew chief per jet.

Blake on the jammer.

The Air Force has nice toys to load ordnance. Not like we in the Navy did……….good old fashioned muscle.


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7 responses to “Daily Red Flag

  1. Mike Folks

    When I was in the USAF, the MJ-1’s did not have front brakes as this one does. A real “Beast” is the MHU-83(I think called MJ-4) with a swinging boom and a greater weight limit than the MJ-1 does.

    • Our Ordies had the chain saw engined hoist and that was it. No room for such machinery aboard ship!

    • Mike Folks

      I believe the early ordies had to use a “Idiot Stick” when loading bombs on aircraft. I was in from 1966-1974, and heard of a lot of manual labor for loading naval weapons.

    • Flugelman

      I did a lot of the engineering drawing for the hydraulics on the head of the original MJ back in the early sixties. We took the prototype to NAS Dallas for testing on the LTV A-7. This was well before the likes of Auto-CAD and was done pencil and eraser. My how time flies…

  2. I have been on a “hernia bar” on a few occasions. Sometimes any spare body was used……..

  3. snyderman8475

    We would often come out of the jungle with 40 footers loaded with 2,000 and 500 lb bombs. Usually had cans of 50 cal, 20mm and not unusual to have 2.75″ rocket pods using those pretty little flechettes (funny name for a dart). Buff and the F-4 were the two main platforms back then.

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