Not Red Flag. Still outside the box.

I am not going to do any posting on the accident today in Virginia Beach, save to say to AFSarge this. Glad your NFO daughter is well. There has been coverage all over the place

Not Red Flag is this one from early June of last year. It was taken by the 416 CTF photographer on one of his occasional strolls on the line with his camera. It was hot both from the sun and the F110 starting up. Those are the heat waves in the picture. Note, I still had hair, gray and thinning. I shave the head for a reason.

On the headset at engine start.




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4 responses to “Not Red Flag. Still outside the box.

  1. xbradtc

    Worst. Plane. Pron. Evah.

    (just kidding. Keep ’em coming)

  2. oldafsarge

    ORPO1 – Thanks for the kind words. Really appreciate it. By the way, really like your posts. I’m guessing (hoping) there’s plenty more where these came from?

    • There are. I am going to space them out, hopefully.
      I have photos of us at the 416 AMU at work and the ones our photo guy took at Red Flag 12-2 along with the EPAF jets we have.

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