On Traditions and Economic Realities

One of the things that you learn by being in the military is that traditions mean something.  They’re important.  We wear swords and sabers.  We get medals and ribbons.  We salute.  Some of these things, like the salute, are functional.  They remind us of where we stand in the pecking order.  That’s good in a more-or-less fully functioning meritocracy.  Some are purely window dressing.  Sure, my ribbon rack is a short-form resume, but the sword is only good for cutting cake and impressing the ladies. 

“Oh my.  It’s so… long.”

Where was I?  Oh, right.  Tradition.

Sometimes, traditions fall victim to economic reality.  We have to do away with things because it just doesn’t make sense to spend the money.  We used to have (in the Navy at least) up to four different clubs on the larger bases and stations.  There was the E-Club, the Acey-Ducey Club, the Chief’s Club, and the hallowed grounds of the Officer’s Club.  It’s pretty rare to find even 2 clubs these days.  Oceana still has an E Club and an O Club, but that’s pretty rare.  Cutbacks.  As a club become less frequented, it becomes harder to justify the expense.  Ergo; the “Combined Club.”  All ranks welcome.  We don’t discriminate.

Which has its plusses and minuses.  Neither of which are the subject of this post.

As I said, I realize that there are economic realities that force us to change well-loved, nay, beloved traditions.  Things we have known about for as long as we remember.  Cherished parts of our collective past we are loathe to surrender.  I get it.  We must, on occasion, yield.

But not this.

This is not forgivable.  And it’s a shame.


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14 responses to “On Traditions and Economic Realities

  1. oldafsarge

    WTF, over.
    Is nothing sacred?
    Yet another sign of the Apocalypse.

    • Snake Eater

      …a wee dram or two or three… of the Highland Dew…followed by a pint or two or three of the Dutch ( read Heineken) masterbrew to close out the evening…hardly the flippen apocalypse …except, quite possably, for the odd Zoomie or two or three out there. Best, Frank C.

  2. Hate it when the younger/dumber crowd try to destroy a comforting tradition. The real James would never have submitted to any beer, except perhaps Guinness [for strength] followed by a Jameson’s chaser. That’s the way our Hero did it.

    P.S. I can’t see Daniel Craig as Bond anyway. He’s almost as bad as Roger Moore. Connery owns the role, as far as I’m concerned.

    • Snake Eater

      …MM hate to be the one to break this to you…

      …but James Bond is a fictional character…he’s not real…various actors over the years have been paid to memorize and speak words and do acts …ergo Actors…written for the Bond character by others…
      …sorry I know this hurts… but its just the way it is … ICSFTH.Best, Frank C

    • Mike M.

      I’ll agree on Connery, but Craig isn’t doing too badly with the role.

  3. I said it was “a role” Snake dear. We all have our comforting fairy stories we tell to ourselves when real life is depressing. And right now, with President Crankypants attacking the Supreme Court to bully them into protecting his signature legislation, one cannot help wishing that we had an actual James Bond to protect our lives and futures. Connery could convince me, for the length of a movie, that maybe, just maybe, right would triumph. Daniel Craig can’t. That’s’ just the way it is on my movie screen.


  4. I had a hard time coming to terms with a … blonde Bond. He should be possessed of the dark hair and dancing eyebrows of Connery.
    Yet … I don’t mind Daniel Craig so much. He’s far more physical in the role and in that he distinguishes himself. Plus he is rather delicious to look at.
    But the beer thing? Wrong.
    Guinness is not beer to me; it’s Lex’s Drink. That makes it special.

    • I offered some German sailors Heineken and they disdained the stuff. Like Marianne, for me Connery is Bond. Bond drinking beer tells me the end is here.

  5. Hmmm, a couple of things here. First, as much as I’m a beer drinker myself (fine German hefeweiss the preferred method) Bond is a “shaken, not stirred” type. It’s who he is. Yeah, character, not real. Got it. However, literary license and suspension of disbelief is just as relevant here.

    Now, where was I? Oh yeah, Bond is a martini guy. That’s the character. Product placement is all fine and good, but this really stretches it. Have every other oscillating Richard (Airborne slang for the males of the species) in teh bar drinking Heineken if needs be, but leave Bond alone.

    Hmmm, while my preferred is/was Connery, I like Daniel Craig’s handling of the role. Ian Flemming wrote Bond as a rough kinda guy. Connery was more like that than Pierce, whom I also liked, but Craig really brings the gritty reality of the 00x agents to the screen. The fight in the stairwell in the Casino Royale remake was the best depiction of Bond that I’ve seen in awhile for just that reason.

    I have to disagree with lumping Craig in with Moore. I admire Roger Moore’s work, except his work as Bond. Terrible, just terrible.

    ymmv 😉


  6. Jeff Gauch

    Bond drinking beer is like Aubrey joining the crew in a sing-song.

    Like Kirk telling the Orion slave-girl “I’ve got a headache.”

    Like putting a hybrid powertrain in a Corvette.

    Like making an F/A-18 a tanker.

    It is just plain wrong.

    The moment Craig picks up a beer he ceases to be James Bond. He’s may be some beer-drinking super-spy, but he’s not Bond.

  7. Man, a rough crowd for Roger Moore. Moore was “my” Bond – he was Bond when I discovered 007 as a junior high school student going to see The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker and For Your Eyes Only in the theaters, back in the “Betamax or VHS that weighs 40 pounds” days when you couldn’t own Bond movies, because they were $120+. If nothing else, he definitely was better than Timothy Dalton!

    That said, the only Bond movies I own at home is the “Sean Connery Collection” DVD series, which are the first six Bond movies. I may have fond memories of Moore, but Connery is what Bond is supposed to be.

  8. Daryle LaMonica

    Bond has never really been my thing but I did like the remake of Casino Royale. Heinekin? Maybe if it were Chimay or even better: Westvleteren 8.

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