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Grinding the Crack

Must be tough, flying with cojones of steel.


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A Little bit of Politics twixt the Air pr0n

I miss the little bit of daily politicking Hizzoner would toss into his daily crockpot. It would often be something quite small, tucked away in a column of the NYT or WP or even our own Daily W Mail, so…

This small thing happened in Bradford, England, last night. It’s not the sort of news I’d expect to cross the Atlantic, heaven knows you’ve got shedloads enough politicking of your own to contend with, but it’s the sort of thing that makes me question my own tolerance. I’m OK,   so far. Oh, if you haven’t heard of the subject of the link, this is him a few years ago (he’s the one on the left)


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A Little Retro Fun

If you’re not subscribed to AirBoyd’s YouTube channel, you have no idea what you’re missing.  Like this gem from sometime in the 70’s.

Love the hair…


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Friday Plane Pr0n

I thought I would book-end our week with another bit of plane pr0n.

Cuz … who doesn’t love it?


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Blimp Pron


Took this shot of the Navy’s one MZ-3A blimp at NAS Pax River last year.  It’s being used as a testbed for a variety of purposes.

It looks big.  By heavier-than-air standards, it is big, 178 feet long.  By lighter-than-air standards, it’s actually rather small – less than half the size of a World War II K-ship, to say nothing of the massive N-ships.  The biggest of those, the ZPG-3W, was just over 400 feet long, 1.5 million cubic feet.

Work in the LTA world for a while, and everything heavier than air looks small by comparison.


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Plane Pron of A Different Sort…

It may or may not come as a surprise that Lex enjoyed the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. Towards that end, I offer aviation pron of a different sort. As a Battlestar is an aircraft carrier in space, a Colonial Viper would fall under the category of “Naval Aviation”…

Just as soon as they get invented, sometime in the future.

To you, Lex, who, by now, has had all of your questions answered…

Mk I Colonial Viper

(Don’t worry folks, I’m not going to subject you to every sci-fi writer’s idea of a space superiority fighter… Just the ones Lex and I used to talk about…)


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Meditations on Poetry

Lex loved poetry, Yeats in particular, it seems.  It’s a taste men have lost these days, and I think it’s a loss.  Poetry is art, inspiration…and a school for prose composition.

Part of the falling away stems from the cramming of female-centric materials down the throats of young schoolboys.  They come to associate poetry with sentimental schoolgirls.  Decidedly not the thing for boys striving to become men.

But give those boys a taste of Old School Poetry, and things start to change.  Let them sample the broad spectrum of it, and they will soon find someone that suits their tastes.  And there are tastes in poetry.  Yeats doesn’t really speak to me, but Kipling definitely does.  And there is absolutely no accounting for taste.

Poetry is art in itself.  A way of expressing materials, frequently with heavy emotional content, more clearly than prose.  But it is also a school for the aspiring prose author.  Poetry teaches pacing and rhyme…tools of the trade for the prose author.  It’s no accident that Rudyard Kipling wrote both poetry and prose.  Tolkien did the same…and Jeff Cooper maintained that an aspiring writer should try to write verse weekly, just to hone his composition skills.  I certainly don’t plan on publishing any poetry I may write…but I suspect that Lex would tell you that if you want the sort of writing skills he wielded, cranking out verse on scrap paper would be a good place to start learning.


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