Phantom Pron? I can top that.


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17 responses to “Phantom Pron? I can top that.

  1. I don’t think the Navy operated an F-4 as the RF-4. One of the pics in teh clip has a tail hook deployed. Didn’t the AF remove them?

    • xbradtc

      The Marines operated RF-4Bs, but those are Air Force RF-4Cs, perhaps Air Guard. All AF Phantoms retained the hook. It was useful for arresting gear on the airfield, in case of brake problems or whatnot. Plus, it’s easier to just leave it installed.

  2. wingwife

    The lions on the approach to El Toro MCAS were deaf. No wonder.

  3. shipfitter

    Not to sound dumb, but one person who I haven’t heard from at Lex’s FB or here is Virgil. Has anyone heard from him?

  4. Mike Folks

    No, the AF Phantom II’s had their tail hooks. It was used as a hold down for trim pad checks(engine testing) and to engage the cable barrier if the brakes went out on the aircraft due to battle damage or system failures.

  5. Details. I’ll leave the details to you much more intelligent and educated Lexicans.

    For me it’s all about the Shiny! Noisy! Sexy!

  6. Hogday

    What kind of smokeless fuel were they using??

    • Hogday, there are a couple of things that contributed to smokeless engines in the F-4. The Air Force used JP-4, a 50/50 cut of kersosene and aviation gasoline, resulting in smokeless performance in the original J-79 models. The Navy and Marines used straight kerosene (JP-5) for safety (shipboard volatility) reasons, and had smokers early on in the -8 and -10 engines.
      Sometime in late 1976 or early 1977 the -10B came out with a shortened burner can in the combustor section, eliminating smoke from the engine regardless of fuel used. The modification also resulted in a rumbling effect in the engine at idle that sounded very much like a main bearing gone bad; very disconcerting at first.

  7. oldafsarge

    Ahem, yes I have been “topped”, “one-upped” and “overshadowed” in the Phantom PrOn department.

    And I loved every minute of it!

    My first assignment out of tech school was to Kadena. Arriving in the wee dark hours of the morning (after sitting in the MAC terminal for way too long after a 16+ hour trip) I was hauled via Step Van to my barracks. We passed the flightline along the way. And there, sitting in all their camouflaged splendor, were three squadrons of F-4Ds, one squadron of F-4Cs (IIRC about half were “Wild Weasels”) and (tucked way over to one side) a squadron of RF-4s. So yeah, gotta soft spot for the RFs. Primarily because I never had to work on ’em. Those other 4 squadrons kept me busy enough!

  8. Yeah, he’s fine. He’s in a battle with AT&T over his cell service (they cut his time allowance and didn’t lower the price as they agreed) and his computer “fried itself.” He’s headed back to the LA area after Easter and will acquire another computer so he can start posting here. It’s gonna take a couple of months he said.

  9. Now that is pure, distilled, 200 proof awesome 😀

  10. The Greeks may be bankrupt, but they fly the hell out of a jet.

  11. Bob Reed

    Dude! That is some high quality Phantom pr0n right there 😉 Best I’ve seen from youtube…


    • xbradtc

      Well, I’d posted this a couple years ago on my blog. As well as the low level Weasel pic in the post below. What can I say? I like my plane pr0n a little ugly. It comes from growing up in an Intruder household.

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