Phantom Pr0n

First post here.

Standby. (Hhhmm, how do I start this thing up? Ah, there it is.)


Alright, everything seems to be spooling up okay.

Okay, let me see if I can at least taxi around the ramp.

Here we go…


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10 responses to “Phantom Pr0n

  1. Nice shot. I hope he doesn’t sneeze while his hands are on the controls. Doesn’t seem like much room for error. Got any F-111 pr0n? I used to do final acceptance testing at the factory for the chaff ejectors for them at GD Pomona. Aardvarks?

    I always wanted to fly, I just ended up doing it without a plane. 😀


  2. Is this what they call a Martin Baker moment?

  3. shipfitter

    No, Marianne, that’s called an “OH SH…..” moment 🙂

  4. Bob Reed

    This pilot’s not far from tying the low altitude record…But it’s a great photo Sarge 🙂

  5. Grumpy

    Shipfitter, aka Byron,

    This is the makings of a “laundry issues moment.”

    Like, “Said It, Done It”, Simultaneously!

  6. You and that Mary Shafer engineer wummun! (I get really annoyed at autistic folks whose Special Interests do not perfectly co-incide with mine. Heh.) F-4s are Fugly.

    Evverbody knows that the purtiest jet ever built was the Folland Gnat! (or Ajeet)

    Gave a good account of itself against Paki F-86s, too, it did.

    If I ever won the lottery, I woulda bought one for The Captain.

  7. Hogday

    Wow, did he really mean to do that?

  8. I’ve heard of smoking out mosquitoes, but this looks like the desert…
    Naw, looks like he’s just out flat hatting and seeing if it’s possible to collect some barbed wire for his collection 😉
    Great pic 😀

  9. htom

    I think the first time I saw this it was captioned “Phantom with Plowshare Wingtips”. Another was “Wild Weasel seeking Cousins”.

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