Grinding the Crack

Must be tough, flying with cojones of steel.


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3 responses to “Grinding the Crack

  1. One of these guys clipped an outcropping rather than going over it. Broke both legs. Some nearby hikers climbed up to him, gave him some water and waited with him until the rescue flight showed up to haul him off.

    I enjoy jumping from aircraft but not BASE jumping like this. This is one of things that I didn’t do that I won’t regret. 😀

  2. homefrontsix

    I think it was this guy that did that. There’s a video of him clipping some rocks during a jump. Busted up his foot, trashed his shin (skin grafts, 7 weeks on crutches, etc.) and so on. Craziness but oh so cool to watch. And awesome choice in music too.

  3. I’ve got a wingsuit and love flying it but so far I don’t play with rocks, only clouds. I may be stupid, but I’m not that stupid.

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