Blogging for Dummies- Add a youtube video

I’m only going to cover youtube videos. The other video providers either work in a similar manner… or don’t. There are ways of getting the non-wordpress friendly ones to work, but that’s beyond the scope of this discussion.

So, you found a great video of a kitten hugging his teddy bear  Hornet in full grunt, and want to share it? You can, of course, just toss up the link. But if you want to embed it in your post, there’s a tad more effort involved.

Again, we go to the dashboard, find our draft post, and click on it. That allows us to edit it.


Edit a draft post

Up top just above the normal wordprocessing buttons  are the three icons we talked about for inserting a picture. We’re going to click on the same icon we used to insert a picture.


Click on the “from URL” option. You’ll see the button for “audio, video, or other file”


Simply add the URL of the youtube you want. You don’t have to add a title, though you may if you wish. If you’re snagging a video that’s been embedded elsewhere, you have to click the “share button” there and get the URL. Get the “long link” version.


Add the URL and you’ll have an embedded video. Don’t worry too much about the other formatting buttons. WP seems to figure it out on its own for the most part.


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2 responses to “Blogging for Dummies- Add a youtube video

  1. wingwifeusmc

    Thank you for this! I had figured out 95 percent of the process said the troop as he looked down the barrel of his pistol and pulled the trigger.

  2. I am a very poor person, and thus necessarily on dial-up.

    What are these “videos” of which you speak?

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