Baby Steps

This will be a short, very short blog article. XBrad graciously added me to the list of people as admins, which means I get to tramp my muddy shipfitter boots in here (Lord help us all!). Some of you know me (Byron) from Facebook, some from Lex’s house, God rest his lovely soul. We’ll all get to know each other eventually, and especially since that amazing run we had in Lex’s Facebook page (thanks, Whisper!) That was simply the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. Next time someone tells me that Facebook is useless I’m going to get the clue bat out. Think: had it not been for Lex’s FB page, we all would have mourned in silence and alone. With it, we had the support of all the wonderful people that Lex brought together. Now it seems that since the burial and a wonderful burial it was we’ve migrated here. It’s a good thing. There are many fine people, some of the finest I’ve ever known, in the Lexicans. I’d be proud to call you all my friends.

Howdy, friends, I’m Byron!


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11 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. Grumpy


    You bring to this blog a different but necessary component to many of today’s issues. I am a “Grumpy old vet”, who had the honor of knowing some of the old shipbuilders. One day, I was about 8 years old and an old family friend about to retire from your profession came over to our house and invited my father and I to go see the USS Kitty Hawk being built. To this day, I can remember that event. We were kept us safe to a safe distance away, I would look up at the flight deck and in the excitement, I used terms that should not be in any 8 year old male’s vocabulary. I knew I was wrong and my father knew it. The amazing thing was that he didn’t yell. Many years later, we would talk about that day. He didn’t get angry and suggested that I did not want to say those kinds of things around him or my mother.That event stays with me for almost 56 years. About you, writing on this blog, if history is any kind of a judge about your comments, I think, you’ll do of fine Job. I believe Lex would be proud.

  2. oldafsarge

    Howdy Byron! Glad to have you hear. I always enjoyed your comments over at the Mother Ship.

    • oldafsarge

      Errr, “here”, I meant to say “here”. Of course, I’m also glad that you can hear. But I’m glad you’re here. (My keyboard seems to be in a state of insurrection.)

  3. Welcome! And you are so right Byron – the FB Memorial Page kept us all connected thru our own cyber-wake right to the funeral services. And it’s still going strong.

  4. I agree with Byron about the quality of Lex’s commenters, as well as the quality of his essays. The combination made his blog completely unique. Most of his commenters self-selected from a small and exclusive group of bright, compassionate, wise people. Back in 2004, when my husband and I had become quite discouraged about the general quality of the young folks who patronized the internet, we stumbled upon Neptunus Lex. Being from an earlier age, and an earlier war, we were looking for people like the young folks who fought in the Second World War, the war my brother fought in, and my Ski Trooper fiance died in. The War during which we lost more than 151,000 soldiers in combat.
    Medicine back then was more primitive than it is today. Since then, we’ve made great advances in prosthetic limbs and other medical achievements. But I feared that the children and grandchildren of the WWII vets were not like the tough, courageous young men who fought their way up Pointe du Hoc on Normandy day, that they might be spoiled and unhappy souls like the Occupy Wall Street youngsters, who seem to want good jobs with all the entitlements they have come to expect handed to them.
    That night my husband and I went out to dinner. I said, “Honey, we can relax. I’ve found them, the good guys, the brave guys. I’ll show you the blog tomorrow.”


    • Marianne – they are the good brave guys, aren’t they. That we as females have been given the opportunity to call them – friends – will always be one of the greatest honors of my life.

  5. shipfitter

    Marianne, there’s a reason why I went looking for the blogs 🙂

  6. Shipfitter, I recognize your photo! Great, I’ve contributed to ships, but not worked on any. Visited an aircraft carrier once as a lad, but had always hoped to visit one as an adult. I look forward to your comments and insights. Ever install or work on Phalanx systems? Or SM1?

    Oh, and I have really enjoyed your posts on Lex’s place. I look forward to your postings here.


  7. Byron,
    It’s nice to be able to keep together here. I see the type of work you do every day as I look out any of the windows on the front of my house. Like GOH said, you bring an important point of view to the table, and one that’s honest, informed, and always nice to read.

    Hopefully someday I can get back down your way and buy you a couple rounds.

  8. yaJames

    Hear, hear!

    glad you’re all here…

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