A Little Retro Fun

If you’re not subscribed to AirBoyd’s YouTube channel, you have no idea what you’re missing.  Like this gem from sometime in the 70’s.

Love the hair…


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9 responses to “A Little Retro Fun

  1. Oh believe me I’m subscribed 🙂 BTW, can you did you know the Blues weren’t the only aerobatic team to fly the Scooter. Any guesses as to the other(s)?

  2. Pogue

    I thought the A-4 was a great platform for the Blues – sleek and nimble, well suited to air shows.

  3. Busbob

    Had to laugh, it’s been a long time. The skipper of the Blues in this gem is Tony Less, great guy. He was CAG 9 on the Constellation on our ’78 cruise. The yellow flight suits with the big collars…yuck!

  4. Busbob

    No kidding, great photo of you (that is you, right) and Tony (he’s always going to be CAG to me) Less. Last time I saw him was in Memphis, he flew in an F-14 to address a Navy League luncheon. He was an Admiral then, before the Tailhook thing…
    Got a fun story about CAG. He flew the A-7’s and A-6’s off the Connie fairly regular, he was an A-7 guy but could hang in there in the A-6, too. One day he was in our ready room and looking at the greenie board (where all the pilot landing grades were posted). CAG made some comment to no one in particular that our grades at night weren’t so hot. Somehow our ops officer heard the remark. The CAG left the rr and the ops o says, “Put the CAG on the sked for last cycle tanker tomorrow night.”
    We had 4 KA6D tankers, they were always the first jet to launch and last to recover. They were stalwart airplanes, but old and tired, with a 2g limit and airframes that were no longer true. To be honest, they were bent birds. With no autopilot, no auto anything, no radar, not much beyond an 8 day clock and the fueling panel on the B/N side.
    CAG cheerfully accepted his assignment, not knowing that he would be making his night approach in the tanker after spending a couple of hours in the dark hand flying a bent bird that wouldn’t trim up very well, and flying left hand turns the entire time in the tanker pattern. The only time you ended up flying straight and level was on final approach, and after all that other stuff your brain pan and all the muscle memory you had was for…turning left. It was an adjustment, for sure. The bent bird added to the mixture.
    We all watched the CAG’s approach on the rr plat that night, and there was much delight in watching the wing lights of the tanker settle in the center cross hairs of the screen, then drift left, then center up, then drift left. Then there was some muffled laughter as the LSO had some things to say, and then outright laughter at all the corrections the tanker appeared to make in the last few seconds.
    CAG earned a no grade for his night tanker trap.
    And we didn’t hear any comments about our night grades after that. If’n I remember right, don’t think the CAG did any more night tankers, either.

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