A Little bit of Politics twixt the Air pr0n

I miss the little bit of daily politicking Hizzoner would toss into his daily crockpot. It would often be something quite small, tucked away in a column of the NYT or WP or even our own Daily W Mail, so…

This small thing happened in Bradford, England, last night. It’s not the sort of news I’d expect to cross the Atlantic, heaven knows you’ve got shedloads enough politicking of your own to contend with, but it’s the sort of thing that makes me question my own tolerance. I’m OK,   so far. Oh, if you haven’t heard of the subject of the link, this is him a few years ago (he’s the one on the left)


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11 responses to “A Little bit of Politics twixt the Air pr0n

  1. xbradtc

    You’re doomed.
    Save us a seat.

  2. How is it that he wasn’t banished from politics, calling for the murder of British soldiers.
    I’m with Brad however – I suspect you knew that already, HD.
    I too miss the political repartee…haven’t wanted to wade in as hizzoner’s way with words was far beyond whatever little gifts I may have. That said – perhaps it’s time.

  3. Galloway’s back? WTH? That guy is scary.
    Lex had a way of making a political comment or interpretation in a way that made his point, but without offense. Gentle, like. I haven’t mastered that technique yet (and probably will never do so — old dogs ‘n tricks ‘n all.)

    • Hogday

      Yes, Galloway (or `the colon` as I like to think of him) followed the democratic process available to one and all and got hisself elected. The people of West Bradford…have spoken.

  4. Nice touch you have with this sort of topic HD. I am not calm enough to discuss the topical things like this, but you’re showing promise. Now, if you could just learn to spell . . .


  5. John Blackshoe

    One must never underestimate the intelligence or ignorance of those who are eligible to vote. Unfortunately more of the really stupid voters showed up for the winner than one would hope.

    The credit (or blame) belongs to those who worked hard to get their voters organized and to show up, and their votes counted.

    Hey, our 2010 Presidential election proved the same thing applies here.

  6. Paul L. Quandt


    Sounds as though Mr. Galloway would be greatly improved with the addition of an “Indian beauty mark”.


  7. Sorry to get all Raciss! and everything, but as the Sergeant said in August, 1914, “Remember, men! Wogs begin at Calais!”

    • Hogday

      I held off by not going into details about the constituency that he chose to stand for election in, but as the perceptive JTG has opened the tin, I’ll give it it’s unofficial title, West Bradfordistan. And Galloway’s first `Tweet` on hearing of his victory was “Long Live Iraq, Long Live Palestine, free, Arab, dignified”. Oh and he also expressed admiration for Assad as ,”a man of reforming zeal”.
      The man specifiacally targets constituencies that are substantially populated by Muslims (typically 30-40%). I suspect he’s done the demographics and the maths and, eureka, an easy/best odds chance to win a substantial (£66,000) annual income. When he has previously been an elected MP his attendance rate in the House has been abysmally low.
      If you pin the right kind of rosette on a donkey, you can probably get it elected.

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