In Memory of CAPT Carroll “Lex” LeFon, and the Wonderful Community He Fostered

Welcome. The idea was floated that a ‘talk amongst yourselves’ blog would be a good addition to for the Non-Facebook Crowd. Here it is.


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122 responses to “In Memory of CAPT Carroll “Lex” LeFon, and the Wonderful Community He Fostered

  1. htom

    Excellent idea.

    What would Lex do? Prepare, mourn, go on, and dare!

  2. Thanks to those who thought of this and made it happen.

    FYI, posting here under my pen name, F.J. Dagg, though at Lex’s I signed as “-Jas.”

  3. stscm

    Put me on the plankowners list. STSCM aka Tom Owen.

  4. Chaps

    Chaps here. Retired Navy chaplain. Long time reader, occasional commenter.

  5. homefrontsix

    This puts a smile in my heart. Thank you. So much.

  6. reknight76

    Thanks, this will let me keep up on my lunch hour at work!

  7. Think I’ll just go by ‘Todd’, like I did on the mothership…

  8. Hat tip to who(m) ever set this up!

  9. John

    BZ, fitting tribute. Straighten up, fly right, move forward.


  10. Mary

    Oh this is good, very good. Thanks for giving us a place to share!

  11. rocketmanbob

    OK, sign me up Xbradtc. Although it may be a while before I can post anything substantial, caring for the new baby and such (6 mos old), it won’t be long before I can contribute content.

    My regards to all, and thanks again to Xbradtc for the hook up 🙂

  12. rocketmanbob

    But I’ll have to work on my handle as I go by Bob Reed usually…

  13. rocketmanbob

    I think it has something to do with signing in via gravatar instead of wordpress…

  14. oldafsarge

    Okay, who put dust in the air, again? I can’t tell you how choked up I was to see this. What an absolutely brilliant idea. Count me in, just don’t ask me to stock the liquor cabinet, I’m a beer and pretzels kind of guy. Thank you and may the spirit of Lex live on through his devoted readers. For strength!

  15. I’m in. This is a great idea, I think that we can make a good go of it.


  16. jeopardyinmd

    Jeopardy, arriving.

  17. homefrontsix

    Who knew I’d be so flipping giddy over a blog? Good to ‘see’ y’all!

  18. desertgunsmoke

    I’m very glad to see that this blog has come into being. I loved reading Lex’s writings, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the commenters and their thoughts as well.
    I doubt I’d be able to contribute much as I’m going to be moving and entering fatherhood soon, so I’ll watch from the sidelines and interact via the comments.
    Thanks go out to everyone who’s made this possible and I’ll have a post and link in the blogroll all set in a short while over at my place 😉

  19. desertgunsmoke

    Sorry – This is Parrothead Jeff here. I’ll have to see about getting my identity right with wordpress.

  20. Mike M.

    I’m in. How do we post?

  21. missbirdlegs

    So nice to see the gang here. Y’all try not to make too big of a mess, ’cause I’ll certainly be looking in on the place. 😉

  22. Thank you SO much! Please sign me up to contribute.

    For Lex – loved him and miss him.

  23. Bruce Jones

    Okay, who’s passing the tip jar around? I’ve got a few bucks to throw in to keep this place going.

  24. Jimmy J.

    A fine idea. And it’s free! How great is that. I’ve less time to roam the blogosphere than a coupla years ago. Will definitely be looking in and commenting when able. Thanks to xbradtc.

  25. John Blackshoe

    Great work!
    As a FaceBook phobic, I rather not post there.

    Perhaps someone could add a link every day for a “Daily Dose of Lex” leading to his archived posts. Start at the beginning and take them one a day. There are enough to last for years. (Feel free to skip any that are extremely personal, or which refer to what was a hot topic at the time, but is now long forgotten.)

    I started reading some, and could not resist another, and another… bringing back good feelings, but ultimately sadness at the treasure we have lost.


    • homefrontsix

      I do the same and wind up in the same place as well – bittersweet it is.

    • I did that today JB, called it the ‘Daily Lex’. I just perused the archives at the mothership, and looked at Lex’s posts with today’s date. Picked one today that was a good story from 2007, about a church project Lex participated in across the border.

  26. If you wouldn’t mind I think I might bring myself to contribute something useful, eventually.

  27. I’m in. Just as at Lex’s, I will be circumspect in my coments and contributions. But, I am here. I am breathing. and I have things to say. Who’s in charge and how do I sign up?

  28. HeloBubba

    Posted occasionally at Lex’s place as HeloBubba. Will continue to do so here. I may not be as “connected” as some of the regulars, but I read all his posts and the attendant comments everyday, so I feel I already know all of YOU.

  29. Thanks, xbradtc — I’m in!

  30. Thanks, this is Steelyeyed, and I’m up for it.

  31. Ok. The token Brit says, `lead me to it, lift me on it`..

  32. yaJames

    Jim’s in.
    Thanks, xbradtc!

  33. virgil xenophon

    Do they serve Barbancourt at this joint? And where are the keys to the liquor cabinet?

  34. Darrell

    Will be a “Lurker” here as I was at “Neptunus Lex”. Rarely ever comment. Just enjoy the company.

  35. Posted at Lex’s place at Guy C. Will try to do the same here. Somehow or other, I was listed as tranger1

  36. Pat in MN

    So, so glad you all came up with this. For the camaraderie that’s in it.

  37. Edward

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I look forward to all the Lex commentariot sharing their wonderful life experiences and viewpoints in memory of Lex.

    As for facebook, a recent warning of a disturbing trend:

    I could share a story or two from the area of basic research. Not as adrenaline filled as what most of you have experienced, but there are some humorous tidbits.

  38. spaddriver

    Great to have a place to share, don’t like facebook

  39. “My rocket scientist (well, heh – I call him mine) while clearly brilliant, just as clearly has not had the advantage of a room full of people too polite to interrupt him as relates endless anecdotes which wander and frolic around the fields of irrelevance before running up the hill of incoherence and tumbling down into the valley of ritual self-murder, just to escape THE MADNESS!”
    Had to share this example of pure Lex talent.

  40. aniemyer

    OK, trying the old moniker, in the hopes that WordPress won’t default to my generic. Harumph!

  41. homefrontsix

    You ‘lurkers’…I don’t get it. How in the world can you read the comments (at Lex’s and now here) and not have anything to say/add? Maybe it’s a girl thing – I have a hard time shutting my yap. Yeah, it’s a girl thing…carry on! (just glad to have you even if I can’t ‘see’ you)

    • HeloBubba

      A lot of times, for me, it was because I felt that someone had already spoken to my viewpoint and I didn’t want to degrade the signal-to-nose ratio by just saying “me too”.

    • xbradtc

      I can’t tell you how many times I started to write a blog post, only to find Lex had already posted on the subject, and done it so well, any effort on my part would not only be superfluous, but embarrassing.

    • homefrontsix

      Then it must be a girl thing because the signal to noise ratio never occurred to me and I chimed in much more often than was prudent. Actually, it’s probably just me and my lack of filter…

    • htom

      I rarely had anything to say I thought worth saying; kind of afraid I’d joggle his elbow, disrupt the wonderful teaching he was doing. I have a tendency to wave flags and stir pots, and managed to control it there. I’m not sure if that’s a character trait or an ADHD symptom — or both.

    • HeloBubba

      It is my intention to cut down on the lurking in this arena. I know it smells of horses and barn doors, but I know that doing so will help with my healing process.

    • xbradtc

      Tell us a sea story!

    • HeloBubba

      Brad, I do have an idea for a posting that is starting to take shape. There is a document that needs scanning and another pic that I need to find so as to save a couple thousand words though. Look for it later today or early tomorrow.

    • HeloBubba

      Brad, I don’t have posting rights.

    • xbradtc

      D’oh! Somehow I forgot to add the fling winged brethren. Sorry.

      BTW, all you other folks out there with posting rights? You can add new admins as well. As the numbers of folks here grows, it’s hard for me to keep track.

    • xbradtc


      Check your email.

    • HeloBubba

      Thank you!

  42. SoCal Pir8

    I’m all in….For Strength.

  43. wilko

    Just saw the link and checking in.

  44. Dust

    Great idea XBrad. I like this better than FB as I should be able to peruse from work.

  45. Dust

    The other thing is I RECOGNIZE who is who here and needed the team roster sheet to figure out who was who on FB!

  46. Let’s see if this works.

  47. Whee! It worked! I have read recently that one cannot comment on a WordPress blog without logging in, if he uses an email addy which was ever associated with a wordpress blog.

    I set up an emergency WordPress blog a while back, when Blogger inexplicably TOSed me for a while. I thought that posting here would doom me to have to look up a password I’ve forgotten, when I remembered another old email address I used to use. It went right through. It was Lensman (insert appropriate symbol here) att. (reticular thing used to catch fish).

    When I think of Our Captain, I think, well, Lensman.

    Old-fashioned nerds and geeks, from the fifties and before, will catch my meaning.

  48. unkawill

    Awesome! Sign me up please.

  49. Glad to see this. I was not going to join Facebook and give false info in doing so.

    Recommend 270 @ 10 knots.

  50. Just saw the link at The Mothership this morning. I’m in…

  51. ltfuzz

    Glad to be here. Guinness in the fridge for later today and tomorrow . I will take it out and hour before so that it gets to the correct temp. (I guess). The inside temp of an Irish pub in the Spring ?


    Great idea! You have our support.

  53. FloridaFlyer

    This is so great….

  54. Grumpy

    Brad, Grumpy is back at Lex’s place, I am really glad somebody dared to follow Lex. I don’t think anybody will truly fill his shoes, but if we work together, we can try. FB is just not my thing. Many Thanks!

  55. Grumpy

    Lex wrote about the things that he thought were important, the good, the bad and even the ugly. But the important thing is this, the way to honor Lex is to carry on the tradition of his blog. I am glad to see everybody coming here. I am no big deal, just glad the work will continue. This is not just a tribute to Lex, but to all of you. Y’all had a part in making his blog so great! –Grumpy

  56. Yep, Grumpy, I concur. The level of discourse at The Captain’s blog was usually more elevated than one generally finds on the ‘net. One always had the feeling that if he said something rude, the guy sitting next to him at the table would hiss in his ear, ” We don’t talk like that in the wardroom! Remember that you’re a guest!”

    Hell, even the famous drunken comment party was rather genteel, by common Internet standards.

  57. Oh, another thing: Surely all here have at least read about Game, and PUAs, and suchlike, with their discussion about how to simulate the genuine Alpha Male, so as to get laid more.

    Our Captain was, I believe, the genuine Alpha Male, the kind of guy which other guys would cheerfully follow into battle, the kind of guy which causes women to want to bear his babies.

    Lex, being a Christian gentleman, used his superpowers wisely, and within the law.

  58. Thank you for providing this.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

    (American civilian teaching English in Japan.)

  59. Darrell

    Posted at the “Services” site.
    Thanked God for people like Capt. Lefon. Prayed for his family as they cope with the loss of a Husband and a father.
    Am happy to see this site , hope it keeps going. Helps keep the large party of the “LEX” family together.

  60. dwall1

    Any locations that unofficially discuss the details of the accident?

    Great posts here already, thanks.

  61. SteveC

    I see a large number of familiar handles hereabouts…just like old home week. Ok, I’m in, and thanks to those who are working to keep our community going. I hope that I can add something from time to time to keep the talk lively.

  62. Busbob

    Much more comfy here than on FB, the friends and wanna be friends links are just too…intrusive, although I useta fly intruders. Promise to open my mouth (type) when I can be a useful contributor, and when I can share some of the air and sea stories I have and have heard. Per’aps some of the Lex has rubbed off on all of us, bring it on amongst ourselves!

    • xbradtc

      Busbob, I’m a huuuuuge fan of the Intruder. I’m sure you’ve got a tale or two to tell.

      Whidbey or Oceana?

    • Busbob

      Don’t know how to get this in sequence…
      Whidbey, or, as it is fondly known, The Rock.

    • xbradtc

      Depending on when you were there, you may have known my dad. Or perhaps XAirboss.

    • Busbob

      Was there 72-78, did the TC-4C as a pilot for a bit and then over to the Ugly for a tour. Fond memories of the entire time. Your dad was…(hate to do this part, usually learn that somehow folks were on the Rock in the A-6 long after I was gone)?

    • xbradtc

      Dad was CO NAS 73-75, then Chief of Staff at COMMATVAQWINGPAC through 78.

      He stuck around on the island long after that.

    • Busbob

      Lowly Enswine at the time he was CO of the base. Did he play handball? Remember playing the base co or xo and being thumped. I wasn’t very good but my youth and speed(?) shoulda been worth somethin!
      We had a short name for COMMATVAQWINGPAC, called it VacuumPac.

    • xbradtc

      Well that wouldn’t have been my dad. He was a tennis guy. Maybe Lee Kerkimo (sp)?

      On the other hand, base COs had to mooch whatever flight time they could get either from the station SAR, or from -128, and that (from looking at his logbooks) was mostly in the Tic 4.

    • Busbob

      Well, wasn’t Tic4 left seater until just before starting the RAG, so must have missed him…

  63. Paul L. Quandt


    Thanks for heading this up. As I said elsewhere, it was a pleasure to meet you (even though I hate the reason it happened). Count me in to hang around and make my usual stupid comments. I, too, am glad that there will be a place where we can gather and share in the comradeship that we had at Lex’s.


  64. wingwife

    Tweeting this morning, realized some of you bloggers must have a tweet handle. I’d like to support my fellow Lexicans. Please comment with your tweet name. Thank you! I’m, surprise surprise, @WingWifeUSMC

  65. snyderman8475

    The “Unbearable Lightness” of Lex is gone. Lex was unique in the most strict definition -there was only one of him. He is not coming back, and efforts to keep alive what he was incredibly able to develop over most of a decade (on the blog) just doesn’t do it.

    I hosted a pint of Guiness in his honor -in the teeming Metropolis of Raleigh, and for his shining light that exemplified what a person could be. Often I would gaze upon contrails in the sky and think of it as his space.

    Admittedly, or unfortunately, I had to endure the close presence of an ACLU activist, but thought, WWLD, and just kept to myself. One of the good/bad elements of living in a college town. “If you are young and not liberal, then you have no heart; but if you are old and not conservative, then you have no brain,” Disraeli or Churchill, either would have said it.

    Once Churchill, Asimov, Rex Stout/Wolfe, Barbara Tuchman, Manchester, Feynman,… and others of their caliber are gone, they are gone. Others may serve in their position for awhile, but they cannot be replaced.

    The ability of Lex to comment on virtually any topic -in an intelligent, civil, witty, insightful, thoughtful manner -was, in my experience, unmatched. That he was a Gentleman was quite the bonus.

    I only had a few personal emails from him over the years. To my great misfortune, by being in different services, living on opposite coasts, I never met him in person -but I am a better person by having known him.

    Someday the dust in the air will subside.

    • Sweetbriar

      I doubt I commented more than twice at Lex’s place, and did not intrude at the wiki. However, in meditating Lex’s legacy and what I’ve learned from him, I don’t think trying to match him in wit or skill is his legacy. It’s letting your own light shine and taking the risk to be seen. That he was a gentleman opened the door for everything delightful about him to be shared by us, and his challenge to us will always be to step out and participate. So, the Lexicans will be different, but the good Captain lived the way to do it in front of us for years. This will be good, too.

  66. jhstuart

    I may be Army but I always enjoyed reading Lex’s posts on a wide range of issues, as well as the thoughtful and considered responses they produced.

    Lex was an essential part of my informational day and I feel compelled to help the effort continue. Please include me in this endeavor.

  67. I’m in. Thanks to Jason C. for letting me know about this blog/group via e-mail.

  68. I’m in. Lex was one of a kind… And damn good folks!

  69. TG McCoy

    Well I found this by accident. Great tribute to Lex. BTW those of you who remember i thinking about getting back into Airtanker ops. I should know
    soon Lex was and is my inspiration..

  70. tgmccoy

    Update on the Airtanker business-I will know soon as my old company is about to get a mid season contract. I will be putting the Nomex back on..
    Medical is August 2nd .
    God willing…

  71. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but yesterday I received my Neptunus Lex Shirts in the mail. Kind of stoked about it! As I played golf tonight I realized that maybe I should have worn the golf shirt. But, I also thought in a couple of weeks I will be going to visit Normandy and I think that would be a more fitting place to have our hero visit if only on a shirt.

  72. thcarr, wear them proudly & post some pics, yah?

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  74. An outstanding idea, indeed!

  75. Same here – I’m in.
    SJBill sends

  76. I am NOT buying a round for this motly crew…well maybe one…or two.

  77. Sam L.

    I just found this. I used to read his posts, and was sad to hear he died.

  78. JUNIOR

    Remembering Carroll on this upcoming Memorial Day. A very smart man and an fun and interesting person to be around. – JUNIOR (SERGRAD instructors at VT-9, Meridian MS)

  79. Օr perhaps he likes bowling.? Lee c᧐ntinued.
    ?I heard sоmeone say that if you hear thunder, thɑt means that God
    is bowling in heaven. I wɑger he is actually good at it.

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